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  1. - Music on a website of information (annoying and so 1990s)- Pictures are grainy...quality could be a lot betterOther than that, good to go!
  2. Ok, this thing has had numerous views, but no advice? What is going on? All I need is an idea of what programming languages and backend to use. I thought I could find some help here people... Just need advice is all.
  3. Back in 2001 I designed a website for a hobby of mine. I truly enjoy the game of basketball and have always enjoyed the NCAA Tournament. So, I designed a site where users could register, make their picks, and based on a point system they could win prizes. It has a leaderboard, stats about the game and the users who are playing it and everything. Same as ESPN, but less users (A few 100) and not a million dollars (I can't afford that one.)The site is not working now, because I take it down after the tournament is over, however it is in need of a serious upgrade.CURRENTLY IT RUNS ON...1.) An Access Database (handles user data, login, brackets, everything)2.) Totally designed in ASP (the old one, not .net) with Javascript used to help with refreshing the webpage after a selection is made in someone's bracket.So, my questions are and please give lots of details as I've been away from programming for some time, but still have the thirst to do it (different job now)...1.) What program language should I recode it in to work on any server? (PHP, ASP.NET, CSS, ETC, ETC)2.) What backend database should I use? Keep Access, use MySQL, thoughts?3.) Would like to combine data for all 8 years (I have an access database for each year I've had the game.) this thing has been running into one so people can see how good/bad they've done over the years of playing the game on my site.4.) Is there any way to have my site feed information like NCAA Basketball News and Scores?5.) I was using a form, javascript, and ASP to fill in the brackets, is Adobe Flash the way to go or is there something better out there?6.) Any other advice or thoughts would be great.7.) Do you know of any good poll scripts with bar graphs and such?8.) If any of these tasks already have a script our there that I can download, please link to it!Again, this is a hobby of mine and I would love to make it more up to date, faster, and easier to use. Looking for advice from developers/designers that are in the thick of code every day. Thanks!RESOURCES AT MY DISPOSAL- Windows Based Server- Adobe Dreamweaver & Flash CS4 (Just acquired)
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