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  1. i want to be a professional internet programmer want to know & learn every thing i want to learn php frist and learn ajax and javascript after learning php& mysqlthanks
  2. thanks very much when i need any thing i will ask you please i want your e-mail addresse if do not want no problem thanks again
  3. i want to learn HTML/CSS , Javascript/Ajax , PHP/MYSQL ,xml ..... i will start out learning HTML/CSS Then Javascript/Ajax Then PHP/MYSQL .Is this Right ? Now i began to download books And Lynda.com tutorials Training And other tutorials thanks very much for helping me
  4. hello thescientist i mean that i know w3schools tutorials and i will start by them but i just want other tutorials to grow my information and learn more and i want to know if i must learn another programming languages like javescript , ajax , html ..... . or just learm php&mysql i hope you understand me thanksplease add me this my e-mail silenceknight2@hotmail.comwait you
  5. hello thescientistfrist i thank you very much for helping me i do not mean w3schools tutorials as i know them i mean that i want another tutorials and for english i search in google and find a useful tutorials thanks again for helping me
  6. i am hesham for egypt my english not very good and i hope to learn internet programming language { php&Mysql }what must i do to be professional i mean what should i learn beside php&Mysql to be professional and how i start and by what i start frist i should learn english very good please i want all of give me sites that will help learning eglish & courese & tutorialsthis is the first thing the second how i began learning internet programming language { php&Mysql } wait you & thanks
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