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  1. Hi, I know how to create a content management, but I want to know how can I make an automatic HTML elements creator. For example when I drop a line, it's automatically insert <p> element to the DB, but I don't see it in the visual editor (like in the forum). How can I do it in PHP? Is there any manual for it?
  2. FusionCharts. I found it thanks to the ads on W3Schools.I downloaded the free package. Actually, I don't realy have to use XML to instal it, but it helped me to understand how the application works. You are right, but I want to learn at least the basic XML.
  3. Thank you very much for this informative answer. So I don't realy have to learn XML, but I already began and learned all the BASIC chapters here. As I see it, XML is very usefull and I going to buy a XML based software, so I need to learn XML in order to instal the software on my site. However, firstly I have to learn AJAX than I will continue with XML.Thank you again. I glad that I found W3Schools
  4. Hello, I want to start learning AJAX. As I know it's based on JavaScript and XML. I know JavaScript basicly so I started to learn XML. Then I noticed that it brings me to other languages like XML Schema, XML DOM, HTML DOM and etc. I'm realy confused... Does it necessary for AJAX? Can I learn only JavaScript and XML in order to learn AJAX?BTW, I already know XHTML, CSS and PHP.
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