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    how to connect forms

    what kind of connection do you need?if you want to open another form, in the button_click event you writeForm2.showif you want the data from one form to be transfered to another form you write in the form_load event of that formForm2.Text=Form1.Text1.Text
  2. I am new in asp programming, have experience in visual basic programming,I have this problem in converting my visual basic program to asp or visualbasicscript. The case is like this, I have a database with table consisting of the list of the number combination( 6 combinations), I have another table consisting of the winning combination, I want to make a code that will check the list of combination with that of the winning number and also find out how many numbers are the same with the winning combinations. Can anybody help me in coding in asp or visualbasicscript.here is the code in visual bas
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