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  1. I thought some of you here might find this funny, I happened upon ironically from a comment on my current hosting provider's status page: http://www.nouptime.com/
  2. Thats more like a worst case scenario. I rarely see situations like that on IRC, on the popular channels at least. One thing live chat will bring unfortunately is a lot of: #N: Anyone there?#N Can anyone help me?#N Please anyone?#N PHP sucks! Still it would be a great improvement on w3schools part, the forums are wonderful but sometimes you just dont have the time to wait for a response.
  3. Might be time to consider a content distribution service?
  4. You can burn and test ubuntu without installing it here: http://www.ubuntu.co...ubuntu/download. The fedora project also has a disk focused on designer work, they call them spins:http://spins.fedoraproject.org/design/ The benefits of open source are the choice and flexibility. You don't have to feel like your locked down to a single vendor.
  5. Wow I wasn't even aware of this! Thanks JSG. I've been reading some material on C recently and I have to say; I am very thankful that he designed it. The influence of C on the popular languages and UNIX on other operating systems is in no way insignificant. I wonder if we didn't have something like C, would we write PHP or JavaScript in assembly? Dennis Ritchie has passed but has work and influence lives on. Even in this post.
  6. I still haven't understood this properly yet but I came across grc.com's drop down menus and they were done without JavaScript. Hope it helps:http://www.grc.com/menu2/invitro.htm
  7. It is a good idea especially if you can find a document editor than is vcs aware. Libre Writer mentions version control in the manual but I'm still clueless on usage. I noticed that most vcs providers provide some kind of wiki service (mostly the paid version) for note taking though.
  8. This probably isn't the best place to look for work this is a web design/development forum after all. Check out networks like http://www.xing.com/ or http://www.freelancer.com/ if you think you are prepared.
  9. You need to be specific about the server platform your using for example these are a few tips for Apache. Generally though, regardless of platform, its important you keep current with news related to the platform and patch your server as soon as it is feasible for you to do so. If you are not using a hosted solution then I suggest you dedicate that machine to web traffic alone and separate it from the rest of your network. Review your logs regularly, practice safe server scripting principles and run your web server as an unprivileged user are just some tips you will find anywhere. If someone is sucking up bandwidth by downloading your files though I think blacklisting those bad IP addresses may save you the headache.
  10. Thanks! I was meaning to ask, have you tried using versioning with your documents as well? I'm still kind of structuring my development environment and I heard that some people use Mercurial and SVN to track document changes (pdf, text files and so on).
  11. Oh no, I would never say drop JavaScript all together I'm just saying don't assume all programming languages are structured like it. Having a database for your site is common but not mandatory. You don't have to learn and master the inner workings of MySql or any other platform to use it, a simple client like phpmyadmin can make things a lot easier. Of course if your like me you would probably feel more comfortable understanding the SQL syntax in which case then the SQL tutorials at W3Schools are good for an introduction but you would need more vendor specific tutorials (Oracle, MySQL, Cassandra etc)
  12. Pretty decent but I think the logo will fit in better without the white gradient bg on the text. I really like how the avatars are looking though.
  13. If you never programmed before I'd avoid JavaScript until you get the hang of something like PHP instead. JavaScript resources are scattered all over the web and the language gives you a lot of freedom which also leaves opportunities for you to continuously shoot yourself in the foot. Talking from my experiences of course.
  14. 7.1b released today? I thought we were already there! Perhaps I need to pay a lot more attention to those updates. I think Git is trying to take over the world its all I ever seem to hear about now.
  15. These threads haven't changed much in the past few months I see.
  16. Welcome to 2011 W3Schools!!! This is awesome. A few bugs I see; the html entity is showing up for the '&' in my location.
  17. When you say outdated software Skemcin, do you mean the possibility of an exploit?
  18. Nice find! Creating a web browser is not a task for mortal developers.
  19. The forbidden eval. So it provides you with remote access allowing you to run scripts and you can condition the environment using various headers with the code? Thats pretty cool, I'm getting a picture similar to a JavaBean program I ran across once that provided you with a web based terminal and allowed you to execute java code.
  20. That is a decent attempt but not very practical . If it were purely JavaScript based you could enable a lot more functions and worry less about server side security. Hmmm, a try-it editor browser plugin might be even cooler. I think I'll write that down. That sounds cool DD what language are you writing it in?
  21. A cool try-it might be a simple JavaScript based PHP interpreter one that can handle the basic functions, I mean if this is possible then why not? I'm just throwing in my two cents in case the owners read this I don't actually expect it but if it does happen then hats off.
  22. Both, it is fixed now though.
  23. I have been getting this error a few times with the try it application : Filename Missing http://www.w3schools.com/css/tryit.asp?fil...border-collapseThat was the last time I got it. Perhaps a little spring cleaning is taking place on the back end?
  24. Javascript really is fun to use with all that Object construction and weak typing etc, but for someone first stepping into the programming realm it can give you some seriously bad habits, like assuming Strings are objects. By trying out different languages you get to see how languages are organized differently and I have a greater appreciation for all I come across even Pascal.
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