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  1. Thanks for your reply Gex.Actually I despise those mafia games I'm actually looking to take text based web browser games to a higher level, my "dream" is to add elements of actual mmorpgs and combine them with what text based rpgs are all about.I've spent months planning everything, thinking of future things I'd like to add and things that would make the game fun and stand out.I don't want the typical "you rob a bank, you get 5$, 5/10 energy left."I want a leveling system where players can level up by killing monsters or other players, skills, being able to attack monsters in a "party" just to name a few.I know I won't master php (I was talking about html and css) and I AM doing this for the sake of programming because I do want to eventually master (yes master) all aspects of programming. It's just I have all these ideas in my head and I want to express them, but since I don't know the language, I can't! It's frustrating as you could possibly imagine. and yes, I do want to write my own scripts, I don't want anything already done. I want to know how to do it and understand it. It's just when I read scripts, I don't understand a thing... Your post was very informative and I will add your msn. So how did your game turn out?
  2. Well actually, maybe I should've been a bit more informative.It will be a completely text based game with some images. Nothing too flashy.Example: www.outwar.comAttacking players, monsters, etc will be as simple as clicking a link. Which would then bring up the attack page of the player fighting another playerI do plan on making a sort of system where players can move around manually, just like a dot representing them on a map but not ANYTIME soon.For now I just want very basic attacking, log in page, forum, etc. I am going to just learn PHP as a whole, I was just hoping I could learn what I needed to know instead of the entire thing because chances are I know I won't need to know everything so I'll end up taking too much time. But atleast I get to learn the language while making the game
  3. Yeah I wasn't saying I was going to master it in two weeks, I DID run through it and read a few tutorials, which was why I made the post.I know it's going to take me a while, especially since I can't understand a lot of it. but I was asking if it would be possible to just learn what I need to know to complete my project now and then learn the language as a whole later, and what exactly I'd need to know to be able to do what I am planning to do. I don't want to learn things I probably won't be using because it will take up more time. I'm just focusing completely on the project right now and getting it done rather than just learning languages. I mainly asked because as I read through most of these things, I couldn't possibly see how they'd be of use to me, but then again that's probably because I'm not seeing how I can incorporate that into a script.
  4. I already know HTML and CSS, so I've built the site and styled it decently, I made a few things with photoshop and such.My question is about scripts though, I want to make scripts like "attack player" "attack monster" and have the player receive money, experience, etc if they win and lose it they lose.I know PHP is what this is used for, my question is how deep into PHP will I have to be into to create scripts? I've spent the last 2 weeks just doing html and css and I got them locked down I think, but PHP seems really difficult (at least for me) er basically, will I have to go into like High level scripting where I'd have to have a few months of experience or is this something you learn around the middle?I just want to learn how to write these scripts, I really don't want to learn the entire language if I don't have to because I don't want to spend even more time on this project since I'm doing it alone.but if i have to I'll start reading every tutorial I can find
  5. I was thinking of doing something like that, I just couldn't put it in words for my brain to comprehend what I'm trying to do, haha.Thanks a lot, that was exactly what I was going for, as simple as it was. I keep expecting things to be extremely difficult.
  6. When a user clicks one of the links I have set up, I want there to be a different background depending on the link.Would I have to create multiple CSS pages or is there a way to set it up so that it changes using the same style page?
  7. Oh I see, I haven't used PHP yet so that answers that..Guess I'll just have to look into php.
  8. Do I have to put the HTML on every single page I want the Navigation bar to be there for?
  9. Sorry I don't think the title does any justiceWhat I mean is, is there a list of all the CSS things like #navigation {list-style:none; background-color: silver; width: 400px; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; border:1px solid black; padding: .2em .2em .2em .2em;}etc.Often I'm trying to style it a certain way, but I don't know what to tell it to do, for example margins or padding etc..I don't know if there's a list somewhere here ..what I'm trying to learn is all those tags, and what each would do, but everytime I check out someone else's code for example, they use things I've never seen before.. (not that it's anything special, I just haven't used it before)Thanks a lot..
  10. Thanks a lot, I'm ordering this book now.
  11. I want to learn by books but I can't find a good book, all of them were made 5+ years ago so I fear they use old html instead of currents.What are your top 5 for beginners?
  12. What language or programs would I have to practice?
  13. As much as I love W3S I feel I need something that will be much more in depth than a small chapter on some things. So I was wondering which books are best for learning everything possible about HTML along with a book about web design. Thanks.
  14. Thanks a lot, I guess I'll just try to work harder.
  15. Hmm, thanks guys. I don't know why it feels like I won't be able to do it even after learning all this... anyone else felt that way in the beginning? What should I be doing with the html before styling with css?
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