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  1. OK, I get it. I'll try the checkout process with the numbers you supplied. In the meantime...what about the colors? I like the shades and tints of the blue-green palette, but think it might improve with one additional color; something like a tint of orange or yellow orange. Does your client have any requirements about the colors?
  2. I had a look at the site and here's my feedback: the registration page is like a brick wall. It really stops you from browsing the site. Most customers will not work to get past the registration to see if the site has any interest for them. Also, it wasn't clear how to register. I followed links to register but ended up back at the login screen. I used the link on the upper right and got to the registration form. I don't think customers will spend that much time trying to figure out how to register.If you modify the site to allow easy access to the pages I will have another look!
  3. I'm working for a client who has produced image files with the ".emf" file extension (Enhanced Metafile Format).I need to convert these files to PDF to be part of the client's websit.Does anyone know of a good program (especially a free one) to do the conversion from .emf to .pdf?
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