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  1. thanks so much, i checked db.php and saw spaces causing it.
  2. Thanks for effort, i printed it and the number is "1", i wish to know if there is another possible cause for it not redirecting
  3. tried this and is not relocating
  4. I tried this and it will not relocate to the address
  5. Please i dont know why the my little code do not run the header function - header('Location: http://www.example.com/'); Please i need ans. thanks <?php session_start(); //start the session for the page include("db.php"); //include database file //Check if page was entered by a submit button $user_name=$_POST['user_name']; //Get username !!FROM FORM!! $password=($_POST['password']); //Get name !!FROMFORM!! if (!empty($user_nam
  6. the code is working fine.and printing see, the problem is getting the code to stop running after doing the job
  7. i want a loop that will update all the rows in a table that met a certain condition.
  8. Good day, please i want to update all that the time has elapsed a table (merged). I want the script to check for all that the current time is equals or greater than a fixed time. and update the colom (receiver). This i want the script to do see my code i tried using do-while but is not working <?php include "../../include/db.php"; $mergestatus="no"; $awaiting='awaiting'; $exp_to_donate='1'; $exp_tobe_paid='2'; $paidto_redonate='3'; $redonated_exp_balance='4'; //adding time db just to get time $new = $flash->query("SELECT * FROM `user` WHERE merged='awaiting' AND active='yes'"); if(
  9. ok thanks . let me check it
  10. Thanks so much bro +rep
  11. Please i dont know why this is not working fine, $unsetmerge=$flash->query("UPDATE `user` SET merged='no' WHERE email IN ('$emailuser','$togethelp')"); it will SET '$emailuser' to no but will not do same for '$togethelp' . i dont know what am not doing right and when i print $togethelp it contains the proper data
  12. It do register to database when email has not been registered, and will not register when is existing.
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