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  1. I want to execute a script at a particular time. What i want is that i want a user after registration will wait for like 15 mins to be assigned to be paired with ob_start(); date_default_timezone_set('Africa/Lagos'); $exp_to_donate='1'; $exp_tobe_paid='2'; $paidto_redonate='3'; $redonated_exp_balance='4'; $balanced_exp_tobe_paid='5'; $mergestatus="no"; $awaiting='awaiting'; //adding time db just to get time $profvso = $flash->prepare("SELECT xtime FROM `merge` WHERE `sender`=:email"); $profvso->bindParam(':email',$_SESSION['login_user']); $profvso->execute(); $profjj = $profvso
  2. so how do i fix this in my code?
  3. please i have a function that gets time for me. Now i want to display the time twice on a page but is not displaying twice. it only displays just onces this is my code now when i repeat this <!--<span id="timeleftpay"> </span> it doesnt display again <script language="JavaScript"> <!-- var year = <?php echo $ydfx; ?>; // in what year will your target be reached? var month = <?php echo ($mdfx-1); ?>; // value between 0 and 11 (0=january,1=february,...,11=december) var day = <?php echo $ddfx; ?>; // between 1 and 31 var hour = <
  4. am yet to understand. does it mean the 0 that came out means the fields are empty? while i was sending in that from the form
  5. oh the javascript side, when i try loggin in it pop up "0".
  6. i did that now, but is not even leaving the index page. i mean that login page.
  7. i have done that but it kept executing this line if (empty($email) || empty($password)) { header('location:../indess.html');} which means its sending in empty data
  8. Nothing reports , is not processing to the login.php
  9. please i wish to know what i have not done right, other form works except the login <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> <meta name="description" content=""> <meta name="author" content=""> <title>Elevator - Multipurpose Bootstrap Theme</title> <!-- Bootstrap Core CSS --> <link href="bootstrap/css/bootstr
  10. i want to write you a personal message bro

  11. am having this error with my registration page. 'PDOException' with message 'SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field 'mergesince' doesn't have a default value' please attached is the script any assistance will be greatly appreciated <?php include('../inc/header.php'); defined('ADESFLASH') or exit('404 Access Blocked!'); if(FLASHWEBTECHINC !== 1) { echo 'No Direct Script Access!'; exit('Access Forbiden!'); } echo '<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/assets/style.css"/>'; FlashTitle('Admin Register | '.$set['title']); if($Function->isLogin()){ header('Loc
  12. thanks will try and do that i report my result back. i appreciate
  13. this is where i added the field <!-- Template --><div id="newlinktpl" style="display:none"><div><table border=0> <tr> <td> Link URL: </td> <td> <input type="text" name="<?php $name='linkurl[]'; echo $name ;?>" value=""> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Link Description: </td> <td> <textarea name="linkdesc[]" cols="50" rows="5" ></textarea> </td> </tr> is in the code. thanks
  14. Thanks for your answer, but i would like to go with the second option, so please can you clear me more on how to check and prink back again, the normal way of checking that i have used, was working but the problem is that when it dispalys the error the added fields will not be there again
  15. Good day, I have a code that adds field dynamically, but my problem is after submitting the form , if there are errors that restricted the form from submitting which are written in php, the dynamic added fields are lost. I wish to retain them and their values even when error occur, is there a way to check error with php and also retain the dynamic added field. thanks <script>/*This script is identical to the above JavaScript function.*/var ct = 1;function new_link(){ if(ct!==3){ ct++; var div1 = document.createElement('div'); div1.id = ct; // link to delete extended form elements var d
  16. Oh thanks to you all for your contributions , i think i will go with the timestamp, it solves the problem......once more i appreciate
  17. i guess davej understood my problem, what i wanted is to have a tittle,text box beside the picture upload for each picture, am not editting the picture name, am allowing the user to input the picture tittle,whilr the file retains its orginal name. @davej what do you suggest on how i can handle this kind of thing, is there a way out. thanks dsonesuk @davej for your contributions
  18. Good day, please am having a problem, I have a site that i want people to upload a picture and also fill the tittle, now the tittle value will be returned to a DB , but i want to avoid duplication of values in same row because some will use the same tittle for most of the pictures they want to upload. please how do i assign a new value to the tittle if my query founds out that value already exists. Thanks
  19. it does not change the second select box, i don;t check please how do i check?
  20. it does not change the second select box, i don;t check please how do i check?
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