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  1. Thanks for the quick reply and the correct answer I really appreciate it.
  2. I am using input fields to display/change data from a database. So the user can display a record and change a field value then update the DB record. When the DB field contains text such as: “Intro to Logic” only “Intro” displays in the (input) field. If the field contains “Intorto Logic” only “Introto” displays in the (input field). In ohter word it stops at the first space. I am using a variable to place the text into the value attribute of the input field: value=<?php echo $_SESSION[className] ?>. Yet when I put the literal value=“Intro to Logic” it displays the entire phrase – “Intro to Logic”. What am I doing wrong or what am I misunderstanding about input fields. Note: if I display the text outside an input object it displays correctly so information is passing correctly from the database to the web page.
  3. Thank you for the quick response. I was going to give that a try (it was on my list), since it seems to be the equivalent of giving an object a name. I had hoped there was a way to get the information without that added step. In many languages you don’t need to know the target’s name to get its properties. I was hoping I could determine the text in the targeted header and do it that way but clearly could not find any properties that would make that useful.I suppose that I could use a class name to give generic information if I design the table elements with that in mind, i.e. any header with a class=”galaxy” for general information on galaxies and the ID for specific info? I’ll play.Thanks again.
  4. Having just mastered (in the loosest sense of the term possible) PHP I have moved on to JS. I thought I picked something simple to begin with but apparently not. I have done a lot of non-web programming so know functions etc.Here is the setup. I have a table. I want to be able to mouse over the table header elements and provide additional information about the header in a textbox. For example with a header such as “Z-Axis” I want to give the user the information that the axis points to galactic north.Here is the problem. While I can successfully put in a mouseon event and call a function; I know because I get an alert box as planned. I don’t know how to tell what header element in the table has triggered the event. The best I can do is get an “undefined” or a blank or the html tags.Since I am adding to a program that accesses a database AND builds the table elements (and everything else on the page) dynamically plus use modular coding I can’t provide a working copy of the code without sending about 1000 lines of code contained in 7 php files along with the data bases accessed.But really the only thing I need to know is the best way to determine which header element triggered the event. So I can pass that information to the function and use a conditional statement to give the correct extra information. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. It is interesting. I can't set up outlook 2002 for smpt on port 465. Att says it is an outlook issue. They did temporarily allow traffic through port 25 which solves the outlook smtp problem but the php sendmail still won't send.
  6. Thanks for the reply.I did a telnet and you are correct it could not make a connection. Any advice on trouble shooting?
  7. Hi;I am new to trying to send email via php and get the (apparently common) error message SMTP server response: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay.I am using myphpadmin locally before moving to the web server.I have gone to control panel and set the Default SMTP Virtual Server relay to my local machine's ip address; bottom checkbox checked.It seems the mail code in php is working but the SMTP on the machine is not.Any help would be appreciated.
  8. jkSandy

    PHP mysql problem

    $query = sprintf(" SELECT spw_s_id FROM student_password_tbl WHERE spw_s_id = $u AND spw_st_pw = $p LIMIT 1;", mysql_real_escape_string($u), mysql_real_escape_string($p)); $result = mysql_query($query); if (mysql_num_rows($result) != 1)-------------------------------------------------------------------------- When I use the above code I get the ubiquitous:mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean givenreferencing the line with the if-statement above. The $result field is empty which explains the error.The code is blowing up on the $p variable. If there are any alpha characters in the password $p it doesn’t work. However if there are only numeric characters it does work. 12345 works 1234a does not. If I replace the $p in the query statement with a literal such as \”password2\” it works fine. I know this is a hint as to the problem but the hint isn’t helping me; any ideas?
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