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  1. I can use some help writing my INPUT BUTTON with the IF statement. I am trying to write my webpage so the user inputs a code into an INPUT field with a BUTTON. IF the user inputs the correct code and clicks on the BUTTON, they will be directed to a different webpage within my site. IF the user inputs an incorrect code and clicks the BUTTON, text is returned telling them that the code is not correct.Can somebody help me with this code? I believe it should be fairly simply but I am missing something.Thank you!
  2. perfect, thank you. Saves me a headahe
  3. I can use some help. I am a beginner. The majority of my webpage is built around standard html and css. I have some minor javascripts including encrypted email and mouseover images. When in Internet Explorer, you cannot view the javascript unless you "Allow Blocked Content". I don't have this problem with other websites I view. How do I go around this and automatically run the javascript?I noticed several web pages run AC_RunActiveContent.js but I don't have any flash animation. What do I need to do to automatically run this javascipt, especially in internet explorer?Thanks
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