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  1. helloI have a webpage with some content and when the user clicks "change" it loads an html document into the "par" div. But what I want to do is only load a certain div from the external html page into the current one. Is this possible? thanks
  2. You will definately have to make a database. How much data were you planning to add to it? Were you going to add the entire content of each book, or just the title, author, etc.. Were you going to make a crawler or what? Could you elaborate a little?Designing the actual search engine will be easy, just a MySQL Database and some PHP codes with queries to each set of data. I made on myself about a month ago and was surprisingly simple.Depending on what content you want to add, it could take a long time
  3. Well as far as I understand HTML/XHTML validation isn't critical.... it isn't really necessary for me as I kind of do it myself.
  4. Hello w3schoolersOkay well basically I have a webpage that has a form on it and I would like for when to user clicks submit, the page then changes that section (I have div's) and then a piece of php code replaces the form and echos what the user typed into the text boxes and whatnot. I don't know how to do this and Google didn't really help me much (maybe I just didn't search the right thing). Could anybody please help me?Thanks
  5. hi everyonesorry if I posted this in the wrong board because I really don't know which language I should do this in.Okay, well I want to make a webpage where there is a little application type thing where the user draws a picture of whatever they want and then when they hit submit, the app sends the picture they drew to a database and it gets displayed in a library. Unfortunately I have no clue about either since it's not something I would normally do when I'm scripting. Could somebody please provide a tutorial for how to do this? I'm pretty much fluent in HTML(obviously) and PHP, I know a bit of javascript and vbscript.Any help will be appreciated.Thanks, Tom
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    hey i have made a search engine and I would like the title to be what the user searched. I tried "<title>'$search'</title"; but that doesn't seem to work. Please help I need it fairly urgently!
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