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  1. Found the problem. The forms are submitting to "index.php?do=etc" rather than login.php, so therefore index.php realizes they're not logged in and just sends them back to the login page. Thanks anyway.
  2. Thanks, however after posting this I updated all the form inputs so that the name property is equal to the ID property, so that made no difference, it still just refreshes the page :/ The whole website depends on this page: http://robberbaron.comeze.com
  3. Update: I commented out the register form, and yet submitting the Login form still just refreshed the page. What's going wrong :/
  4. I'm writing a website wherein if the user is not logged in, they will be redirected to "login.php", which gives the option of logging in or registering; the issue is, when I submit the Login or Register form, all that happens is the page refreshes - I've checked the database, nothing is inserted. When the login is submitted, if there are no errors then it should redirect to "index.php"When the registration form is submitted, it should redirect to "login.php?r=1" - this is the login/register page only with a notification saying the registration worked.Any help? :/ Here's the code for "login.php
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