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    <table align = center><tr><td><image src = "IMAGE SOURCE HERE"></td></tr></table>
  2. Use this style and apply it to the cell or table you want to make transparent.Just ajust the opacity level and the color.<style>.transparent{border:000000 solid 1px;background: white;filter: alpha(opacity=75); } </style>Like this: <html><style>.transparent{border:000000 solid 1px;background: white;filter: alpha(opacity=75); } </style><body background = "http://www.absolutecross.com/images/textures/pack1/alien_roughterrain_thumb.jpg"><table><tr><td class = "transparent"><div id="pagecell1"><div class="feature"><h3>Temporary layout </h3> <p> Hi. This is the temporary page[...] </p></div><div class="story"> <h3>Be an[...]</h3></div><div class="story"> <table width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" summary="">[stuff]</table> </div> </div> </td></tr></table></body></html> If you want all your tables to be transparent by default, do this:<style>.table{border:000000 solid 1px;background: white;filter: alpha(opacity=75); } </style>if it is just the headers do this:<style>.th{border:000000 solid 1px;background: white;filter: alpha(opacity=75); } </style>etc.............
  3. Insert this, with whatever sound you want:<bgsound src = "http://www.tinwhistletunes.com/clipssnip/Audio/09-05/SallyGardensWillOB.mp3">If you are wanting to change it with javascript, simply do this:add id = "mybgsound" to the bgsound elementuse this in a script:document.getElementById('mybgsound').src = "http://www.grsites.com/sounds/18791905/bells/bells001.wav";
  4. Try this:<script>var windowReference;function go(){windowReference = window.open('newpage.html','linkname','height=400, width=700,scrollbars=yes')}function focus(){windowReference.self.focus()}</script><body><A HREF="java script:go()">Open page</a><A HREF="java script:focus()">Focus page</a></body>
  5. Thanks both!I think I need study up on regular expressions. I do conceptually understand it. Um, still confused.How would I go about replacing text in the html document? Example<HTML><HEAD></HEAD><BODY>(bluetext)anything(/blutext)<script>deletes (bluetext)anything(/bluetext) after storing it in var x;does replacementswrites it back in.</script></body</HTML>Basically, my original idea was to store the entire html, do the replacements, and open a docuement with document.open(), and write it in. So I could do it more easily if I could store the HTML.I couldn't figure out how to do this, so I got to asking how to do a find, replace.
  6. ???????????????????I am not quite sure what that means, but I will try it.Um, to be quite frank, I do not know what this means:/\((\w+)text\)(.*)\(\/(\w+)text\)/iBasically what I am trying to do is create a way for others to modify what they write, sort of like UBBC.
  7. Here is my problem: I want to to make a script that will search for somthing in the format of:(bluetext) This text is blue (/bluetext)remove the entire thing, remember the position, remove the beginning and end and re-insert the text as blue.Of course this is just an example.Can anyone help me?
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