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  1. I KNOW what a TLD is!!!Here's what this guy on Yahoo answers said:
  2. ~Because a service called "dot.tk" gives out free .tk domains?
  3. No they didn't get it confused ~ but wait.On my host, can I get a ".es" domain for free? Like with the right DNS settings?
  4. Someone on Yahoo Answers said that if you use a webhost (not like Weebly or Webs) you can get a custom TLD.I was just wondering if that's true of if that guy's an idiot.Thanks
  5. Cool! Thanks it works...
  6. my code retrieves profanity words from a txt, and profile from a dbCode: $words = file('filter.txt', FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES);$re = implode('|', $words);$re = '/' . $re . '/';$prof = preg_replace($re, "*CENSORED*", $profd);
  7. I'm making a filter, it's working good, let's pretend "Hello" is in the filter.It'll filter "Hello" but not "HeLlo"I can't convert the entire string to lowercase, because it's a profile... so i have no clue how to do this.
  8. Twango

    Filter from txt?

    OK I'll try it! thanks
  9. Twango

    Filter from txt?

    How would I filter out any words that are in a text file?I use eregi_replace often but I don't know exactly how to use it in that way.
  10. Twango

    Simple Trivia Game

    I know this seems like a task... but I've done it in another language (I'm terrible at converting languages!)Most of you have probably never heard of this language (mIRC) unless you chill on IRC often...Anyways, I can give you the code if you know mIRC.It's pretty simple. I have 2 text files.Answers and questions. I'd want it to echo say, line one from "questions", user types in answer, then something like if ($_POST['Answer'] == getFromTxt("answers.txt").lines($currentline) { //Add points $currentline .= 1 } then repeat again...I have absoloutely NO idea how to do this, although I did it in mIRC.Again, if anyone knows how to script in mIRC I can give you the code to convert!Please help!~Twango
  11. Sure. If you need any help feel free to ask.
  12. Twango

    Pageview Counter

    Just add a cookie that expires after 10 minutes or so, then checkif (!$_COOKIE['DONTALLOW']){//Code}That should work
  13. First, you need to make your form; here is a basic design: <form method="post" action="savetodatabase.php"><input type="text" value="Your Name" name="fname"/><br/><textarea name="comment">Comments</textarea><br/><input type="submit" value="Send"/><form> This makes a VERY basic comment form, which sends the data to "savetodatabase.php"Then in the PHP page, once you connect to the database and select the database (You can do that, right?)Make sure you have AT LEAST one table, with 2 columns, (for this example, Name, and Comment... make sure you use PhpMyAdmin if you don't have these)Then use this to save it to the database: mysql_query("INSERT INTO Accounts2 (Name, Comment)VALUES ($_POST['fname'], $_POST['comment'])", $con); If you have any questions, ask away.
  14. I think what you need, is on your host (www.yoursite.com) create a folder/directory, for example "addon" www.yoursite.com/adonthen inside addon create a file index.html or index.php (or, if your host is configured differently, default.html, default.php)Mine uses index.php/html, You can even use this for Post and get, for example "www.yoursite.com/register?user=Jim&Date=040211"Anyways.
  15. Ooookay that's odd... it just started working... changed nothing at all. strange.
  16. It's arguably the MOST important serverside language, but yeah.
  17. It's downloading the OTHER one fine... Two files; one works fine, the other one doesn't... WHY!?
  18. Now that I think about it that could be glitchy; here's my full code NOW....header("Content-type:audio/x-wav");header("Content-Disposition:attachment;filename=ASCII.wav");header("Content-Length:27770924");
  19. Still isnt working... I made another page to get the value in bytes; here's the code I have now.header("Content-Disposition:attachment;filename=ASCII.wav;content-length:27770924");It's still download 222 bytes!
  20. Yes, I have verified that. Because before it was downloading it 24MB... anyway how do I do the "content length header"?
  21. Twango

    SMS Mail()

    I have a nice, free mail>>SMS script.I just have a question, instead of a user having to select the recipient's carrier,would just sending an email to EVERY mail (for example, Verizon could be xxx-xxx-xxxx@vmail.com whereas US Cellular could be xxx-xxx-xxxx@uscell.com) would that be considered "illegal" or is it possible for two different cellphone providers to each have the same number?
  22. Put '' around the values, also, you might want to put in the username and password for the mysql database.
  23. Truly, if you really needed to, you could have 3 PHP files (feel free to change filenames):good.phpbad.phpvalidate.phpYour form points to validate.php,Then you do something like this: $var1 = $_POST["one"];$var2 = $_POST["two"]; (etc)then if ($var1 && $var2){header('Location: good.php');}else{header('Location: bad.php');} then obviously you'd want to change good.php to the code you want, and bad.php to an error message.Although this IS a last resort, it'd work.
  24. This morning, I had a working php script. Simply using header("Content-type:audio/x-wav");header("Content-Disposition:attachment;filename=ASCII.wav");readfile("ASCII.wav"); Now... This morning it was downloading the song properly. But now when I download it, it's only 222 bytes.I haven't changed anything at all... it's really making me mad!I cant figure out why this isnt workingHELP
  25. Ah Ok, figured it out, if you do sign up for my website i'll give you 10,000 free points, you can get songs and programs and junk.
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