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  1. This is absolutely awful. That's why I'm throwing it out there for anyone who wants it: https://pastebin.com/C0WLbbmN It's an API for generating HTML code using object oriented programming. It sounds nice, but in reality OOP just doesn't fit with HTML. Here's an example of creating a simple page using this god forsaken API: <?phprequire("html.inc.php");/*EXAMPLE 1: Nested Tags<div class="myImagePlaceholder"><a href="/myimage.png" title="click me!"><img src="/myimagethumb.png" alt="" /></a></div>*/$myImagePlaceholder = new html_tag_div(new html_tag_a("/myimag
  2. Oh my bad. I swear I already cleared out the cache (and I've not used IE9 in months) but perhaps clearing all saved data and reconnecting the internet fixed it. There's still a slight issue of one login input box being 1px higher than the other, but since every other browser displays them inline, it's IE9's issue, not mine. Thanks anyway
  3. Didn't know where to put this topic, since the problem isn't specifically HTML or CSS, but it is a design compatibility issue. I have an Internet Explorer related compatibility issue. While the copy of my site installed on my localhost server is displaying fine in Internet Explorer 9, the online copy is very messed up. Sizes of elements and positions are seemingly being ignored. Localhost{IMAGE REMOVED} Perfect. IE exceeds itself. Online{IMAGE REMOVED} Baaaad. Border radius' aren't working, the plus sign on the dropdown box in the top-right hand corner of the screen isn't scaled down, as set i
  4. It's true that there is no way to get file data out of a user's computer with JavaScript, but that doesn't mean use an iFrame. I just want to validate the data before proceeding to the next page. Luckily, I found another way to do that.
  5. It doesn't NEED to, that's just a way of doing it.
  6. Okay, first the "HTML". I know it's probably hard to read, I like to write everything super optimised and in PHP (you get used to reading through it after a while). But it's not really important... <form id="uploadForm" action="". $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ."" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"><input type="hidden" name="mod" value="". $mod['id'] ."" /><table class="plain fullwidth"><thead><tr><th>". $lang['downloads']['field1h'] ."</th><th>". $lang['downloads']['field5h'] ."</th></tr></thead><tfoot><tr><t
  7. Backup. I considered the reluctancy of some browsers to submit upon clicking the images, so assuming JavaScript is enabled, it would take action of the form wasn't already submitting. I'll add it again if I find a browser doesn't submit when the images are clicked.
  8. Okay, sorry for "double posting" but that post was pretty long.I found a solution but it's far from professional: echo "<div class=\"langselect\"><form method=\"post\" action=\"". $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ."\" style=\"display:inline\"><fieldset style=\"display:inline\">". $lang['main']['langselect'] ." <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"v\" value=\"99\" /><input type=\"image\" src=\"/images/flags/en.gif\" alt=\"English\" title=\"English\" /></fieldset></form><form method=\"post\" action=\"". $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ."\" style=\"display:inline\"><fi
  9. I don't understand how I can retrieve the selected language that way... Here's the current PHP code. echo "<div class=\"langselect\"><form method=\"post\" action=\"". $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ."\"><fieldset>". $lang['main']['langselect'] ." <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"l\" value=\"1\" /><input type=\"image\" name=\"v\" value=\"99\" src=\"/images/flags/en.gif\" alt=\"English\" title=\"English\" /><input type=\"image\" name=\"v\" value=\"3\" src=\"/images/flags/pt.gif\" alt=\"Português\" title=\"Português\" /><input type=\"image\" name=\"v\" value=\"1\" sr
  10. Dreamweaver. I use barely any of the features aside from it's text editor, FTP and file browsing but I'm used to the interface. It makes it easy to work with my localhost server.
  11. Thanks for the reply.As I said, I use PHP to do everything. So the source HTML of the page is completely different to what I've actually done. It makes it go to the homepage because I was on the homepage when I opened the source.W3Schools shows that image is a valid type.I tried to use the <button> tag but it seems to be impossible to remove all of Firefox's styles for it. And changing a button to an image using CSS hacks doesn't feel like the best way around it, since there was an attribute made for submitting values with images. Still, if it's the only way, I'll consider it.My issue is
  12. I've been designing a website for a while with multilanguage functionality. I managed to create easy language switching by clicking an image of the appropriate flag in the corner of the website. I made it a form since it allows PHP to do what it needs to do after submission, then reload the page to get the new language to actually appear.So after clicking a flag, the form would send to a page (the same page) and the PHP header file would take care of what it needs to do. Then another redirect is made to the same page (without being apparent to the user). It works well but relies on the use of
  13. I decided not to do it because of more tables and more queries that have to be done. I've used that technique plenty for my downloads system, though.Still, it seems my way of searching within a serialized array is probably the only way.
  14. If you're asking for an oppinion, I'd say the first one would be better. Purely that it uses commands already part of MySQL.The 2nd one might be problematic with strings? I'm not sure... It should work fine as long as the input is valid.
  15. But my website isn't based entirely on cars.. It's a pretty small part of the whole idea.To be more specific, I could add that the cars aren't even real. I didn't think this info would be part of the answer so I decided not to bother on specifics of the usage, I was mainly using it as an example. Chances are I'll have to use a technique like this in future, anyway.What's more, adding a new database is frankly a messy task with my host so I want to keep the number of extra tables low, since there are already about 120 tables taken by the IPB Forum and my other systems.This idea of using seriali
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