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  1. Hi Deirdre's Dad, what i actually wanted was a simple script that can display a loading image when validating form input fields. i copied the source code from a site but it not working. and i'm sure the error is from the the "check_email.asp" file. i actually do not know what should be there. please if you can help me out. thanks here is the JavaScript file var xmlHttpfunction showCustomer(str,u){ xmlHttp=GetXmlHttpObject()if (xmlHttp==null){alert ("Browser does not support HTTP Request")return} //var url="check_email.asp"var url = uurl=url+"?q="+strurl=url+"&sid="+Math.random()xmlHttp.on
  2. please everyone do i need to be online for my Ajax to work perfectly because i keep hearing of server and i know that Ajax do not have it's own server or does it. please any information on this topic will be very appreciated. thanks
  3. okay i got where the mistake was. i got it solved
  4. hii actually do not know if this is where i should ask this question but i guess i have to try.i keep seeing and reading on peoples post and articles on the internet that Microsoft access is not a good database platform for the web and it happens to be the only database platform i know. i might probably be wasting time trying to learn it. please if someone can throw more light on it and make me understand why it is not good for website development so i can learn the good one early and stop wasting my time it. please
  5. hi everyone i'm havin a problem with selecting data from two tables in a single databasei have a login page that looks like thislogin.cfm <cfform action="index.cfm" method="post"><cfinput type="text" name="username"><cfinput type="text" name="password"><cfinput type="submit" name="submit"></cfform> and the index.cfm page looks like thisindex.cfm <cfquery name="qryrDe" datasource="mydsn> SELECT UserName, password, surName, middleName FROM Users, results WHERE UserName = <cfqueryparam value="#trim(form.Username)#" CFSQLType="CF_SQL_VARCHAR"> AND pass
  6. please have anyone ever heard of duduradio.com. it is a Nigerian onlie site where you can play music. how can someone build such a player? with what language even?
  7. thanks Skemcin for the kind questure. i appreciate, but i have a login page that look like this<cfform name="login" action="info.cfm" method="post"><cfinput type="text" name="username"><cfinput type="password" name="password"><cfinput type="submit" name="submit"></cfform>and info.cfm page looks like this<cfquery name="Getinfo" datasource="mydsn"> SELECT UserName, password, Cpa, Mic, Cor, Pri FROM info WHERE UserName = <cfqueryparam value="#Form.UserName#" CFSQLType="CF_SQL_VARCHAR"> AND Password = <cfqueryparam value="#Form.password#" CFSQLTy
  8. please i'm having problem installing php . it has refused to run or even process php pages , i have downloaded the software but i do not seem to understand the manual for installation. i'm no programmer and the words used are not familiar to at all. please help.
  9. hi everyone, i thought coldfusion was simple but i'm beginning to feel otherwise. i've been trying to work on a login program that will login the user and also display the users information from a database on the actions page based entered on the form of the calling page by the user, i know these have to do with cookies, session management and so on, but i do not know how to start, please any suggestion will be highly appreciated. thanks in advance
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