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  1. I have searched for this but cannot find what I'm looking for.I have a news scroll on my page which is working fine, I want the user to be able to click on it and go to a more detailed news page. i can do this by making the text a link but the text keeps moving - how do I get it to stop when user puts their mouse on it?onMouseover......something? I know I'm close to getting this but can;t quite get it, please advise if you can.Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for your reply, will try this.
  3. Hi,I have a problem with my site. I have links on the main page which open up a new sized window when you click on them. USing the code below:A HREF="java script:void(0)"onclick="window.open('newpage.html','linkname','height=400, width=700,scrollbars=yes')"These links open the window up fine, however, if the user doesn't close the window but clicks on the main window then tries another link, the content of the new window changes but it stays in the background. I want it to come to the front of the page so the user can read it!! I think its something to do with focus of the new window.....but i'm not really sure.I would be grateful for any help on this as its driving me crazy!!Thanks......
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