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  1. i'm sorry edouard, but are you kidding me?is that the website you wanted to create for yourself as a C.V website and a method to get customers?if yes, i really am speechless can't even say a word because i am as shocked as ######!
  2. besides the technical knowledge of designing and the coding, what program to use and these stuff ..As for a program I'd recommend Microsoft Expression Web4, as it has the ability to help you without fully automating the process!you should get a theoretical understanding , here this is my post that explains a lot about the web designing... http://w3schools.inv...showtopic=42236
  3. hey RSA i can always help you with that, i have taught myself all about div layout website on my own searches, and i have really learnt quite a lot..if you needed help inbox message me and i'll tell you how i can offer you my help..
  4. hey, i find many flaws in the idea of the design but they are simple, if you read this post you will understand everything there is to know about the look and feel of the website.. http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=42236 good job so far
  5. hey scientist, i had many questions to ask you my friend as i have seen you are one of the most active members on this forum and one of the most knowledgeable ones .. i hope you don't mind my request but I'd really want to take some of your time on any instant messaging application, i hope you don't find this annoying but i juts need to have a bit of chit chat with you about web programming/designing subjects my friend :)

    1. thescientist


      sure. want to PM me with what chat methods work best for you (I have AIM, gtalk, skype) and we can take it from there? I have a some time tonight, but I'll be preoccupied for the rest of the weekend.

    2. Khushi G.C.

      Khushi G.C.

      i also need your help friend pls help me

  6. if you guys do not mind me saying this, but he has to calm down and understand that all of us do not have anything personal against him (neither language, country, age or anything that might come to his mind)eduard you should know that this forum is has the most helpful members there could ever be on this internet universe, but some of your arguments might be a bit umm.. weird for them as they have had past experiences. Your questions may be clear to you but cause frustration among them.. That's all the case.. and thanks everyone for helping him (i say it in his place). and thanks eduard for the question
  7. but i still need to know more about the universal pricing criteria, could you guys explain more.. probably any of you could tell us about a free lancing project he has worked on associated with details about ( how much he got paid, how long did it take, the complexity, what was asked of em", how he arranged and negotiated, etc.)
  8. Listen man, they have told you.. it depends on how many hours you are going to work on the website for your client..For example if you will work an overall of 36 hours the calculation could for example be 36hr x 20$ = 720$ ..(of course I'm just estimating that, I'm not sure about the real pricing nowadays but that's the criteria).
  9. Looking for an opportunity to learn more! any professional help?

  10. hey my friend, i have added you as a friend if you don't mind that :D .. looking forward to chat with you soon

  11. Hey, I'd like you to post me the code of how the website checks the login data and how it functions the sign up if you don't mind ..Thank you , then i'll give you my feed back
  12. Oh my god, eTianbun and dsonesuk you're the best, I really didn't have any idea how to do that..Thanks a lot my friends i am really thankful! :Happy:
  13. well, you sound like some professor that I have previously met, he's a human development professor and he has always mentioned the requirements and needs of anyone applying for a job from a personal point of view.. like those you've just mentioned, but when it comes to skills of working, that's taken to another level because the expertise is a difficultly reached goal.. it come with practice, advice, reading, watching, listening, practising and even FAILING sometimes..but what we're implying is, if you need that website just to view the information you have about yourself, then let someone create it for you for the mean time.. until you learn everything you need my friend
  14. Greetings,Hey everyone, I've had a query about how to create a form text box with some value inside that gets automatically cleared as the user clicks on it to edit it, more like this example on www.bodybuilding.com they have a sign in form at the right hand-side next to the flash slide show.. Sorry if my question is not that professional but I can't seem to know how from their source code.. Thanks for your time and effort..
  15. From my point of view, if you need a website for C.V , why don't you ask some higher experienced designer and somehow developer to design it for you.I bet there exit many people who would love to help you without a charge of money, with that simple layout and simple functionality you have there.what do you think scientist?
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