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  1. I agree, so try less "word based colours" and stick more with colour values..
  2. Unfortunately for us the beginners, it happens to be confusing a bit where to start, where do head and go..what are the steps of learning till we reach an intermediate level and have enough expertise about that and this..More likely learning all that is confusing, it's more like we need a mentor that has started one day from where we were.
  3. Well, I find Opera the most efficient web browser as i have never faced problems like bugs "in google chrome" or slow browsing as in "IE".In addition Opera has the Turbo feature that allows it to allocate more bandwidth for it to browse faster..could be pretty useful while streaming videos or so...
  4. I can give you a piece of code that does that right away, as I've applied that to my form but in a different way; I have made it turn the box area RED when it is found to be Empty.If you'd like that I can help you as much as I can.
  5. in fact i love that website's shape alk, and by the way i would really love to learn the way you created its shape.I've been trying to learn that way so far but I haven't gotten the edge yet.. although I understand codes on a very good scale
  6. why don't you implement the color hex code like for example black is #FFFFFF and so, why don't you use Cascade style sheets (CSS) and format you font of background colour using that?
  7. As far as I know, the X HTML concepts and principles does not allow certain ways of codes with their validator and will produce errors.But functional-wise it maybe working yet unaccepted. it's more like being LEGAL yet UNETHICAL if you know what I mean.
  8. Well, X HTML stands for Extended HTML or Extensive Hyper Text Mark up language, which means it is an extended version of HTML just to create a common environment for the essence of building up websites "HTML infrastructure" and create a common soil for all browsers by validating X HTML through the World Wide Web Consortium ValidatorThank you:)
  9. I'd rather write codes with my own hands, but the thing is that I'd rather also use Microsoft Expression Web4.I've been using that lately as I didn't like Notepad++ or Notepad at all.It has helped me design and develop a client sided prototype of a website very well.
  10. Full name: Shady Abd Al RahimAlternative name(s): ValiantShadyBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 01/09/1991Gender: MaleZodiacal sign: VirgoCountry of residance: Egypt, CairoCity of residance: The Capital City, CairoOccupation: I'm a student of informatics and computer sciences in the British University In Egypt, Information Systems Major.Height: 175 CmsWeight: 85 (Body Builder)Eyes: BrownHair: Dark BrownSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: NoneFavourite Music: Nothing SpecificFavourite Movies: Captain America, Ella Enchanted, Taken and many others.Interest: Web Designing, Development and everything concerning webPets: Previously CATAdditional comments: I really want to make friends here on this marvellous forum, with which I work, learn and improve skills (maybe some summer projects together) I'm pretty much a beginner though.
  11. I wish i can learn all about web including XHTML, CSS, Javascripts, AJAX, .NET and everything that allows me to create my own website from a scratch

  12. Shouldn't this be in the JavaScript side of the forum?
  13. Okay but i was worried that this would be a disturbance for you.. i'll attach some pictures of my project and show my coding and i hope you help me with the validation and give me some useful suggestions
  14. Hello,i'm new here.I'm new in this forum and I've always been looking for a forum for web programmers as i am a new web programming student in the British University in Egypt and i hope i can find what i am seeking on this forum, well my request is for some sort of guide that shows how to validate and fix the validation errors of all types of pages created using X HTML , CSS and JavaScript.I am really having troubles with the validation step all the time it wastes a huge amount of time fix any validation error on the W3C's Validator.So Please i hope you could Help me Thanks
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