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  1. Never mind, the post back had stopped working because I was using Request.Form ID's rather than just the Element.Text values
  2. Ahh, thank you! I ended up just using SOAP instead because no one or myself could figure this out. But it was still bugging me, so I'm really happy that if I ever encounter this again I'll have a starting point. (Although I'm really hoping that I'll never have to do non-parallel programming in my life again...)
  3. You'll find that a lot of useful resources come as web services which use XML. Take Purolator's shipping estimate calculator for example, if you ever have to program for any kind of business that sells goods. Another example using e-commerce is third party credit card verification.
  4. trevor-


    What scripting language are you most comfortable with / do you know which are supported on your work's ftp server? For some, you simply create an email object and fill in the blanks. The script shouldn't have been complicated enough to over-complicate and make a mess of it like this past guy seems to have done.
  5. I have never once seen it advertised on typical job postings outside of specific hardware work that I do (which obviously isn't a typical job posting you'll find on Monster), where you will find an ancient FPGA synthesis tool which is based on C++ but is still better than say, Handel-C or Impulse-C. Any business, administrative, enterprise, architect, or otherwise typical job you will find listed on Monster or student job sites will not even come close to desiring C++. I personally prefer C++ over just about any other language, but Java even overtook those basic C++ programming courses in high
  6. All of Adobe's Flash editors come with built-in skins, importing a video is as easy as selecting import video to an application. It will ask you which skin you want to use.
  7. What flash editor are you using, and when you upload your application to your website are you remembering to include the sound file as well?
  8. I'm not sure if you've uploaded your 'true' resume and I'm sure that wasn't meant to be the focus of this post, but if I were you I would probably re-do it. Long list of tips because I used to have a really bad resume at your age...:You don't put what school groups you belong to under your education, that could go under volunteer activities instead. And as I'm sure you know, your Profile section should not be submitted in your resume section when you apply for a job, but should instead become a three paragraph cover letter. A little basic, I'd instead make a section on computer knowledge
  9. you'll need:1. a (preferably apache, many hosts refuse to put php on windoze) webserver that supports php 2. to be able to use databases with the server (software such as mysql or phpmyadmin installed, or you could manually edit databases and upload them to a secure area of your server)3. to learn form elements, php functions to assist with data flow & user sessions, and how to store and retrieve information from databasesyou should first make sure that you have items one and two
  10. Newer versions don't get any more efficient? i.e. handling pointers less bloat..edly
  11. I have a web service that I've set up in .NET - c sharp, but I made it into three .cs files with various classes. I have a main (obviously), but I have no idea how to get variables from a classic ASP page into either my main routine, or into one of my classes. If I had a webform then I could put the elements in a form and the webform's Default.aspx could receive them, or I could use a querystrng and again the Default.aspx could receive them. How do I instead send them straight to a .cs file? This script, since it's a behind the scenes service, has to run behind the scenes and then pass a value
  12. Edit: ignore this post, missed the "s" in https!! These forums are AMAZING but make me way too trigger happy haha. Still confused about the original thread question though, as in where to set the HTTP value or if it's necessary, same for length - still can't find any examples that actually use length in classic ASP.
  13. I'm just wondering how to send the following SOAP information with ASP?This is the very beginning of example SOAP code I was provided for a web service I have to integrate with, and I'm not sure where to put it: POST /smartpayments/transact.asmx HTTP/1.1Host: secure1.pivotalpayments.com This is my ASP SOAP connection: Set oXmlHTTP = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")oXmlHTTP.Open "POST", serviceUrl, False oXmlHTTP.setRequestHeader "Content-Type", "text/xml; charset=utf-8" I assume that the serviceUrl would be the url after POST, however I'm not sure how to set the HTTP to 1.1? Or where to p
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