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  1. Bill, this is yourself, 8+ years later. For anyone looking for the answer to this, this is the code I eventually came up with. ' beginning of XML data sent dim strXML, strXMLResponse, responseXMLCC 'set up xmlhttp to checkout server Set objXmlHttp = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0") 'objXmlHttp.setTimeouts toResolve, toConnect, toSend, toReceive objXmlHttp.setTimeouts 30000, 30000, 60000, 60000 'ms - resolve, connect, send, receive ' Call the webservice using POST (defining the URL) baseURL="https://b2b... ' Start the SOAP envelop for REQUEST
  2. OK, first and foremost, am using classic ASP as that is what I have to work with. All electronic forms in my company are currently in classic ASP. Too many of them to move to .net any time soon. That said, I have written an html form that includes sending a SOAP request to our CRM (ticketing system) which is vendor hosted. They are supplying the .net web service to the CRM's database. This will send back a response not only of a successful receipt, but also a ticket number which I am to display to the customer's screen. I am pretty comfortable with the sending part, I think. It is the r
  3. I figured that was the case, but that is one of those elements of JavaScript I haven't had to use before. Could you suggest sample code of usage of that method? Again, when an amount is entered in textbox1, I want to multiply that value entered by 0.25 and show the result in textbox2, displayed as a monitary value, with the standard 2 decimal places.Thanks in advance for your assistance. Sincerely,BillM
  4. I have an eForm written in classic ASP. The mailer, which is written in vbscript does the multiplication just fine, and sends the result of the total amount entered in the first text box as a dollar value, and the result of that value multiplied by 0.25 in the email sent to the customer. The problem is, the client wants the result to show up in a separate field immediately on the form after the amount is entered in the first text box. It won't do it with VBScript because that is server side code and can't update the information until I hit the submit button. I have looked at several exampl
  5. All the remote tools I have only work within my domain. So, no, I don't think I can. As to the other options, using includes files is in the ASP tutorial. Considering that you are using html instead of asp, I don't think the include file would have worked for you. Using frames really isn't anywhere in this site, but a frames page allows you to make one or more frame in the window static, meaning for example, that if you wanted to, you could have made your common_files.html page your top frame and just made the name for your bottom frame the target and displayed the page there. It doesn't
  6. I created 3 pages with the same names and same content as you posted, aside from the internal style sheet. With what you posted, I could only see the following, until I started clicking links:Page ONE | Page TWO That is, at least until I started clicking the links, alternating between the two. Then I ultimately got down to the following:Computer - ZERO ONE Laptop - ZERO TWOComputer - ZERO ONELaptop - ZERO TWOThen, there were no more links. I guess the big question here is: Why you are trying to do this in an iframe? Granted, we don't know if there is/will be additional content oth
  7. Newbie,Seems to display fine when I tested it. Would help to know what you are trying to accomplish and what your expectations are in terms of what is to be displayed. Please provide more information.Thanks,BillM
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