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  1. @ Darkness, that's quite impressive what you wrote down here :)Would you please mind telling me how did you get good at these (I see that you mentioned a time period of a year that took you to learn these) ?I've been doing C# for mostly 5 months (on & off) in that time period.Started fresh from a "Teach yourself in 24 hours" book, until I got to arrays and I didn't understand what this guy was talking about because he assumed the reader has (just like you said) previous knowledge of C# although he states that it's for complete beginners (and nothing of the stuff he assumed the reader would
  2. Hi all,First of all, the reason I signed up was to offer this (has nothing to do with the thread just below me about translating the whole site itself).I wanted to propose myself as a translator of "tutorials-only basis" for Hebrew.I think that although there are some phrases and expressions that would be hard to explain in a "non-English" language but I don't think that this minor issue should stop people from translating tutorials.lNot to mention the traffic and newcomers that will arrive at w3schools's gates!Well, this was me and my proposal (came up my mind while was learning Advanced SQL
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