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  1. Heh, This guy must have wanted to meet death.Generally you send a string of values for your code to parse, not send all the friggen code. You could check the string server side, but then your just wasting effort. He probaly has an eval command or so at the other end.
  2. Chances are you do have a password, if you do not then I really pitty that database. Another thing you could do is assign a user and password to it so that even if you do have a username/pass and you dont realize it by making a user specifically for that database you ensure that doesn't matter.I havn't played with connect codes in a while since iv functionalized all of it for my own sanity. However you might want to try the assigning a user part to see if that helps.
  3. From what I understood I thought you had to either do this in XML with a return type sepcified, or you had to do it in php with a return type specified and an echo or return statement.One of the best things to use when debugging your JS is to try out the Firefox javascript consol so you can watch and tick off all the errors.
  4. Well I am not shure that JS generally allows for grabbing get or post values but you can use php and javascript together. For example <?PHP $id = $_GET['id'];$field = $_GET['field'];?><script type="text/javascript">var wid =<? echo $id; ?>;var wfield =<? echo $field; ?>;</script> It might not be perfect and it is lengthy, but last time I ran the code similiar to it I had no issues and could use my PHP set variables quite easily in my JS. There is probaly a more effective way, but this is the method of choice I use.
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