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  1. Well, it's not technically to submit a form. It's hard to explain.Is there a way to submit a link instead of a field? Like, when the user pressed "down", it would be as if they clicked on the link (it would bring them to http://blah.com); <a href='http://blah.com'>Blah</a> Image submit fields are inefficient, so I've decided to use a link instead of a submit field.Thanks.
  2. Is there a way to make it so, whenever a user presses a certain key (such as the down key), it submits a button?For example, I have this code: <input type='submit' value='Submit'> Whenever somebody presses the "down" key, I want it to submit. Is there a way to do this?Thanks!
  3. Some of my users cannot login, as the cookie does not set correctly. I'm not really sure why. This is the code I use to define the cookie: setcookie("User_ID", "$U_UserID", time()+9999); Is there anything wrong with that?Thanks!
  4. Hi. Is there any known PHP method to verify whether a user has JavaScript enabled? Therefore, if it is enabled, a variable stores the value "true", and if not, stores the value "false".Otherwise, if the above is not sufficient/doesn't exist, is there a way to utilize the <noscript> tag so you can use PHP within the tags without it being executed all of the time?For example, I believe if you do this... <noscript><?PHP//Display Messageecho "Sorry, you must have JavaScript enabled to proceed.";//Exit Pageexit;?></noscript> The above, I believe, would process the PHP code
  5. Hi.I have finally finished my layout, and it worked perfectly in Firefox... so, it looked fine, however, when I tested it in Internet Explorer 7, the colours weren't working correctly.For example, I had an image that was the same colour as the table below it... anyway, the best way for you to know is for me to show you: click here.I've been trying to fix this for several hours, however I have failed to do so.Thanks.Never mind, resolved.
  6. Darkness

    Form Editing

    Well, here's an example of the form. <form action='pagehere.php' method='POST'><input type='hidden' name='Submit' value='1'>Input stuff here.<input type='submit' value='Continue' onclick="this.disabled='true'; this.value='Please Wait...'; this.form.submit();\"></form> The hidden input field is there because disabled submit fields can not have names.Basically, the form goes to a certain page, of course. That page adds data to the MySQL database. However, people can use source editing to change it to... <input type='submit' value='Submit'> That way, they can kee
  7. Darkness

    Form Editing

    Hmm.. well, I don't really know anything about AJAX. :S
  8. Darkness

    Form Editing

    Hey.There are people on my site who are using page editing to cheat. On my site, I use a this.disabled function to disable a button when clicked, so people can not click it multiple times. However, people are editing the source, and taking out the disabled part. Is there a way I can disable this or track it?I'm guessing that this can be achieved via Javascript, HTML, PHP, or a combination of them, however I am not sure.Thanks.
  9. Hello.How do you display an image ON an image using certain co-ordinates? That is probably much too difficult to understand, therefore I will explain better.If I have an image with the dimensions of... let's say, 500x500, and it was named "example1.png", and I had another image with the dimensions of 50x50, and it was named "example2.png", how would I display example2.png on example1.png and choose the co-ordinates for example2.png to be placed?Thanks.
  10. You really need one. The only web site I can actually find that explains programming languages in an understandable way is W3Schools. I've been searching for a good ActionScript 3.0 tutorial, and I've had no luck. They assume that you know everything that they are talking about. They don't explain any vocabulary. I've become a very good programmer over the year (PHP, C++, C+, C, C#, etc.), and normally learning a new programming language is SIMPLE.Besides, most of the tutorials aren't in correct order, they're just a bunch of random tutorials. For example, W3School's tutorials always have a be
  11. Hello,I'm not exactly sure how to explain my question, however, I'll try my best:How do you display coding without making it execute? Just, show what it looks like? Such as using the CODE tag in forums. <html><b>D:</b></html> Which makes it so it doesn't execute, it just displays the code.Think of the examples in the tutorials on W3Schools.Thanks.
  12. Ohh... Sweet, that works. Finally. Thanks.
  13. Hello. What do you think would be the best method of stopping some from refreshing a page with POST data? Lately, some people have been refreshing pages with POST, so it keeps creating rows and stuff.I've been stressed to Heck trying to figure this out. Some people suggested using header (location: ''); However, it only displays an error message: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /usr/export/www/vhosts/funnetwork/hosting/tpmrpg/top2.html:148) in /usr/export/www/vhosts/funnetwork/hosting/tpmrpg/promo.php on line 44 Thanks.
  14. Darkness

    Blocking Opera

    True, you can use Firefox to FIND the page source, but with Opera, you can actually change the page source.
  15. Darkness

    Blocking Opera

    Hello,Is there a way to totally block Opera from entering any page on your website? Opera allows you to use Page Source editing, thus, it is a security precaution.Thanks!
  16. Oh. That's how. Thanks.
  17. Ah, how would you set the variable, though?I tried var Variable= "(Math.floor(Math.random()*3)"; That won't work, however. I need the variable, Variable, to be a random number between one and three.
  18. Hmm.. I don't get it. How would you put that?var Variable= "1,4.random";or something?
  19. Hello,Does anyone know how to create a random variable? Such as, a random variable between 1 and 6.Thanks.
  20. Sorry for replying late. I didn't have time to come on lately.Wow, that's an awesome tutorial. Thanks a lot!
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