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  1. Hello,How would you protect a page from being accessed unless you authorize them? Such as, if they try to go to /login.php. If they try to access that page without first filling out the form on /login.html, give them an error. I've heard of something called mod_rewrite, however, I use a free host, so I don't have server access, so I can't, I think. Using Sessions wouldn't be the best way either.Thanks!

  2. Hello,Another question... Third tonight. I'm feeling like a n00b. Heh..Okay, I've seen many sites that, when you click the Submit button (such as, when you click the Submit button while registering), you can't click it twice. This could prevent many troubles.Any clue how to do this?*Not sure if this is HTML.Thanks.

  3. Hello,Here I am again... Already. Anyways, lately, I have been having issues with Money and the sort. How should I do this? (Like, Money on an RPG, so you can buy Items). Some say I should store it in an SQL... The issue is: The money value has to be atleast 999,999,999. However, when I try to create a Longblob or Longtext (or any blobs or text fields), it won't work. Well, if you try to in a script, which I what I need to do, for certain reasons. Doubt it would even work if I created it from the database.Anyways, others have suggested using fopen. How could that be possible?Sorry if it's not quite clear.Thanks.

  4. Oh, I see. So, basically, if you use primary key (id) [or whatever you want to call an ID table], that will make it so the field goes up each time. And unique key would make it so only one person can have that certain ID? As for Null... I sort of get it. Thanks, that all helped a lot. :)

  5. Hello,Just wondering. Since I couldn't find the answer to my question anywhere, I need to ask: What exactly do these mean? Null, Primary Key, and Unique Key. On the tutorial, it seems like they expect that you know what they mean. I need to know, because I have been doing database management lately, but I don't know what these mean, thus, not sure whether to use them or not.Thanks!

  6. Hi,I was wondering, is it possible to make it so if I used a tag, that it wouldn't work. It'dd just show the tag?Example;I use the <b> tag, and normally it'dd show up as bold text. Does anyone know how to make it so it shows as only <b>?

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