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    Got AJAX?

    I think Yeah it'dd be pretty nice.
  2. Darkness

    someone HELP me

    Either way, it's supposed to be <a href='docname.doc'>docname</a>.Well, that's how I did it, and it works prefectly.
  3. Darkness

    Browser Discussion

    I like FF, since IE dosen't support pngs, or transparent backrounds. Only some. And why you think I care about this?- Because I love to make banners and sprites. It's a hobby. Also, IE get's way outta control, in other words, it's TOO fast.But out of all, I like Netscape the best.
  4. Hello,I'm new here. I am a fan of Pokemon, and most Animes. My name is Chris, I have a pet dog called Cubby. I was born 1/30/1990.Well, that's all the info I'm giving out about me.
  5. Darkness

    someone HELP me

    Would this happen because you have target=_blank? Or whatever that code is.
  6. Hello, I've been here for awhile (Learning how to code, since I have always really wanted to make my own website) And PHP is the most important one for me. I was wondering, I don't get the learning one that much. The default thing or whatever you call it- so, maybe, could you guys make PHP Examples? I'm much better at learning by the Examples. I know it'dd take awhile, but it'dd mean alot to me.
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