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  1. why there isnt any post in w3schools about it?
  2. so what to write? and also what to set in db?
  3. hello, im building an universal site and i want to display languages for everyone in the world.but with the ISO-8859-1 when im write hebrew for incase its display jibrish and not the real language.which meta tags should i write, so i will can output to all world's languages? thanks!
  4. hello, i have an universal site, and i want to display languages from all over the world.which meta tags should i write? thanks.
  5. razaviv

    Data transfer

    http://www.zap2it.com/ i want to fetch from site like this all the tv shows names, seasons and episodes.. how can i do it?i want to make it auto fetch.friend told me that i should run script that will find in the html all the tv shows names, and every episode and season.how can i do it?
  6. razaviv

    Data transfer

    Hello, i want to load any html source code of a foreign site and find all the tv shows names and episodes and seasons in it to my databasehow can i do it?thanks
  7. hello, i want to fill my site database with datas from other sites:i want to run script that will move cross the net and find megavideo videos embeds with js and place it through my MySQl database, so i will output these values in my site. how can i do it?thanks
  8. razaviv

    php video resize

    hello, i want poeple to upload videos to my site, we all know that only 3 minutes of video can up to 150mb - thats alot.how can i do that long video still will be in great quality and the minimum size?also, how do i present the video in his best? i mean, do you have some free flash media\video players codes for me?because the browser defualt player is bad..thanks
  9. hello, im using ajax to display random posts, that means: after 15 seconds post is auto changed to other random post.i want that each random post will be displayed designedly, the design method im using is jqeury. in jquery there is function to load the pagemore beautiful than normal, this is the function: this code takes div with display none and make it block by fades in, of 2 seconds.i play the function that displays the posts with settimeout function, and if i code jquery inside the page that transfered with ajax to the main div,in the main page, the jquery wont works. it works and display it nice with fades in only if i load the page by myself and directedly. does someon know how to load the ajax page, or maybe insert the jquery so it will works?oh, and im also looking for nice page loads with jquery, to load random posts dynamicly.thanks for help
  10. i mean the basic functions, not what to do with them.. :\for example: if you have an array and you want count it, you should not do a while loop for it,because you have the count() function. this is my point, i didnt realy mean they BLOCK it, but the point is that its much much muchhh smarter use thier built functions for such things, instead of spent so much time for these calculates - so i sorry if you got me incorrect, maybe didnt explain good.oh and the loop of LIKES issue:i prefered use the php by myself to learn the string functions better, instead let the sql do it for me.its just this time and not anytime.. now im really better in string functions thanks to it.i work on related issues and search engine, in the search engine i will not spent time to write it bymyself because i already know how it works,so i will let sql do it for me, same as you told.
  11. hmm actually i tried use empty string and also null, they two wont work. its probably because php developers wanted us to use thier functions instead of write them byourseves, i use the explode function to get the words in the sentence very easy.and LIKE search is not good. im using it only to illustrate with live search, but the search it self will not give you results:if you search like this:a. "i want buy a red bugatti carand in database the name is wrriten like this:b. amazing BLUE bugatti carthis wont find this.LIKE method search by characters only, also if you type "Playstation 3" and there are only "Playstation 2" it wont find it.my search is built to find just anything, this is how google and youtube works also.now i solved the problem - my search is very easy algorithm, just was a problem of php functions - but as i said before, php developers wanted us to use thier functions instead write by ourselves.oh and by the way, my english is not so good, and i also dont have strength to invest to write it well..thanks anyway
  12. hmm, this prhase is just an instance, i dont know what the text will be, i select it from database - so i cant know what are the keywords, so i must include every words - the definition of "word" in this case is: what comes before the SPACE character, i can make some if's so the connect words will be down.but how do i use the php strings so it will works? what i do should work perfect - but php probably has some rules in these function, i mean rules like cookie and headers - they cannot be placed after any output - if you dont know this, it wont works.. probably same here..
  13. hello, im using php strings functions to creat a search, these functions are just annoying - they causing alot of problems and wont works!so first:my algorithm for the search engine is:take every data from database,take the query/the something i want relatedcompare the query to the database data:1. if the query is: "i want to buy a new car"2. and in the database there is: "new car for sell!"i want to do something like this:check if: "i" is included in the second phrase,check if: "want" is included inthe second phrase,check if: ""to" is included in the second phrase AND SO FOR AND SO ON til the sentence ends.so i tried to do this: take the word from the 0 character to the character SPACE - check if she is included by the requiered sentence,and then delete her from the first one.on every words that is include in the first and the second sentences i plus the id of the same data + 5then i print the top 25 ranked (related issues/or search engine)NOW THE PROBLEM!!!!if use string function on some variable, this var is dead - i should creat a new one to act again.and really much more problems like that.. is the php has a bug or something?EXAMPLE: $stringx = $rowRelated['kickSideA'] . " " . $rowRelated['kickSideB'];function recorsia($string, $num){if ($num>0){$whereSpace = strpos($string, " ", 0);$word = substr($string, 0, $whereSpace);echo $string = str_replace($word, null, $string) . "2 <br>";$num--;recorsia($string, $num);}elseecho $string;}echo recorsia($stringx, '3'); this should output the string each time without the first word until num = 0 that means 3 times.it display the damn with only one cut!!!!!1what the ###### wrong with this?thanks for help
  14. hello, im about to run some flash code that will creat a user record interface inside the site - that means, someone input a camera and photo is self by video, the video is taken by the flash plug in and auto displays in the site screen, when user clicks SAVE, the record will auto upload to the server (the upload system i can creat with php) and then it will appear in the site so everyone can see.someone knows how to do that?i really dont understand in flash, im a php programmer.thanks
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