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  1. well i found a swf sound file but it wont work to run it: tell me please what doesnt clear it so it wont works.thanks
  2. i just want to display sound when receive message as facebook..
  3. it works, but it just blur the input when receive a message.that means that it plays the sound but its also blur the input and i didnt find anyway to involve it.. i tried put the input in iframe but it wont helps because it still on the same page altough its iframe.. how can i play the sound of message no blur inputs? if with flash and js how then?thanks.
  4. razaviv

    play sound

    hello i want to use function that will play sound by javascript. the page that will run the function is autorun by ajax by other page that means:page runs other page with ajax. the other page check if there is reason to play the sound, if yes, it plays the sound. the sound is being played in the main page - the first one i noted.i have some code that uses embed and nonembed with bgsound, but its bad, it takes all the inputs that are focused in the site and blur them, i want them to stick them focus even when somone sent message on chat.if someone know how to do such function that plays the sound by page load and wont cause just anything and work in anybrowser and suppor ajax, please tell me.thanks and sorry for my bad english.
  5. hello, want that if someone receive message in chat from other poeple he will receive a notice like facebook, some sound that will be easy that will tell him he has new message. so when someone send message he automaticly updates the database so the other poeple will have sound, when the other poeple has sound, he call for ajax function which checks it and if there is a sound it runs a function that gives the sound and update to no sound at database.my question is how to do the javascript call for sound so it will works great.the prbolem: while it runs the sound it just minimize all the task of the browser are opened - i will explain:if you on some text (such the input to wrtie to your friend) it will blur you from it, play the sound, and focus you on it again. i wont it happens. i want the focus to stay anyway. and also its so controliest that if you even use the media player watch movie and someone sent you message its will minimize your media player!so if someone knows how to solve this problem or give some good solution, thanks.oh and if it calls to javascript forum im sorry, please pass it than.
  6. razaviv

    Php Ajax Chat

    yes i know, i solved alot of problems such this, you true. ill keep try and dude if you find something that can help please send me message.ill take a paper bytheway so ill can write the algorithm perfectly so clear the problems and not face with bugs from the beginning.
  7. razaviv

    Php Ajax Chat

    okay, lets start it from nothing. you have some way to build such chat as i want to build? chat like facebook with database and ajax.please tell me how, its just impossoble hehe, i thought about just every algorithm for such thing and nothing works!
  8. razaviv

    Php Ajax Chat

    ill try make it clearier.you have list of friends online.you hit one friend to chat with him.immidately (no refresh) you have a window of this friend to chat.by the time you just send him message it also automaticly open the chat for him without reload.his window that opened automaticly has two options: one is textbox so he can send you data, and second is div who receive data by ajax.its hardly complicated to use the chat with the site togther so it will have no bugs and it will works great without refreshing.and bytheway can i run javascript function with php without any onClick, onMouseOver function? such as:if (php code){run with the php code the js function name}if so, how?
  9. razaviv

    Php Ajax Chat

    hello, i have online users system that shows who is online from specific user friends list automaticly, by someone logouts he immidately considers as offline and invisible in the specific users list.i want to build chat with these users, once the user clicks on friend from his online friend list will appear a chat with him, like facebook.so i built the chat it self and it works, i did it with ajax and the messages are insert to the database and automaticly select by settimeout of js by 450ms.first: if someone have anyway better than the way the chat it is right now, please note it.second: while the chat appears after he click on someof his friends from the online users list it automaticly reload the pages to receive datas from the different user he speak with, and if he try write in the chat box it will clean the data he writes because the chat box is in the page that reloads automaticly, and what he type every 450ms will delete to nothing. i thought about when onkeyup it will stops the settimeout and when message sent will start it again, but two problems: first i think (not sure) its impossible to stop the js function from the page the page the function work by itself. second problem: if he stops the settimeout even for a while he will cant receive any data will typing.so if please someone knows a good algorithm for such thing please help me.oh and sorry for my bad english, when you comment please dont use too complicated words.. thanks
  10. razaviv

    Bottom Of Page

    hello i have this code: and in chrome it sticks the div in the bottom of page, even when scrolling, and in explorer not.someone knows why?
  11. razaviv

    Php + Ajax Chat

    hello, i need help with php and ajax chat in my site.i started build the chat, and for the first step i should have list of online users.i thought about the algorithm of online user list, and i was thinking about this:make in the database variable that will countdown from a specific number, something like 5, it will countdown, and if it will reaches0 the user will accepted as offlie, but while he is online he is automaticly running ajax function so will update it to 5 again and again untill he will logout. but i dont know how to set in database some variable in such metod. if you do, or have another explanation for such think, please help.and the chat it self. i thought about algorithm that i will insert data into database from two users (that speaking one each other in the chat)and he will automaticly will be selected by the users by ajax function that work with countdown (settimeout)so i tried this, but the chat is easy stop working, and have a little of bugs (i havent finished him yet, actually that was just a try for it)so if you have some good explanation for this problem, some good algorithm, please tell me.thanks, and sorry for my english..
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