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  1. The Scientist: The list is not from a database I created a list, and added the .pdf stored on a server. I am not sure how to proceed with your xml suggestion but I will surely research that method.Deirdre's Dad: Thank you for the hints to correct my HTML, I will make the proper changes, and add an <id> to the <ul> element I appreciate all your help, chances are I will be back with follow up questions, I appreciate you taking the time to look at my problem...
  2. All,I would like to add a sort function to our web page that currently has a list of our publications, is it possible to add a sort function via javascript to sort the <li> by author or date. What would I need to do to the list items to enable a sort to proceed? I am not all that familiar with Java so the easier the solution the better for me. For an example of the list style I am referring to see: http://www.plantmineralnutrition.net/publicationsleon.htm I will add all the publications to a large list that I would like to be sortable if possible. Any help anyone could offer would
  3. Good advice, I will give it a try, thank you for your help I really appreciate it...
  4. sad, more work for me, I will surely give it a try thank you for the information, do you think I will be able to keep the same layout using a list and changing the CSS? The URL is http://www.plantmineralnutrition.net I would like to keep the same general layout, and with lists it seems to change the style of how the navigation looks, any thoughts on putting a list into an existing table cell? Is that possible? Thanks
  5. Hello,I have an existing web page composed in Dreamweaver CS3 with a navigation table on the left side. I would like to adapt one of the navigation menu topics to be expanded to show more options, ie flyout. All the examples I have seen for this task involve the use of lists, <li>, <ul>. Is there a way to create a expandable menu using the existing table format? I have attempted to change the menu from <td> to a <li> which has caused great disruptions of the container and table layout, and I am afraid that any menu format change would necessitate a total CSS recons
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