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  1. Thank you, how do I make the line disappear the same time that the text appears?I'll have to do the inverse since I'm using a white background and black text.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to do something that seems simple, but I just can't get it to work. I have a list of links being displayed, and I want each link to be a solid, black horizontal line until a mouseover event reveals the text 'underneath'. What is the best way to do this besides using images? <ul><li><a href="#">LinkA</a></li><li><a href="#">LinkB</a></li><li><a href="#">LinkC</a></li></ul> Thanks for any help!
  3. Apologies for the cryptic topic title, I wasn't quite sure if there was any place on this forum to discuss Wordpress, or where.. I am starting to develop a website with reasonably simple, but dynamic functionality, and I would like to know if going for Wordpress is the right idea. I have worked with Wordpress before, but that concerned styling within the relative safe format of a 'standard' wordpress layout.I'm also relatively fluent in CSS and HTML. I have included a diagram of what I am going for, and I think that explains it best. Basically I want something close to your average 'online
  4. Please delete.
  5. Thank you Ingolme, I've wormed my way to the solution using your great advice.Using span to add 'nieuw' to the <li> element works out, however I can't seem to force the word 'nieuw' to appear on the same line as the <li> element. Right now it jumps to the second line, appearing below the <li> element..
  6. Please see the attached picture to see what I want to achieve.Right now I have the horizontal lines embedded as a .jpg image between each <li> element in the html. Is there a way to use CSS so it places these images in the same way? I would prefer to keep using bitmaps so the effect is as standardized as possible, if that makes sense. Also, is it possible to attach the 'nieuw' element in a clean CSS way to the final element in the list? I want it to be positioned so it matches the end of each line... right now I am doing it in a messy way with absolute positioning and its own separate di
  7. They seem to have put their scripts into a seperate javascript.js file, I did not know that was possible... it's a good tip to keep your code clean!
  8. Thank you all for the elaborate replies.One more question, I found this list of possible hide/show effects: http://www.w3schools.com/jquery/jquery_effects.aspIs one of these the affect that this site? http://www.scribbletone.com/ (once you click on a project, a grey bar appears allowing you to switch between types of content.. ) I was wondering how they could get the animation to be so smooth.
  9. http://www.scribbletone.com/I tried to analyze the source, but as usual that is pretty hard to do if you do not know specifically what you are looking for.. I would like to learn how the system works where you can call specific div id's into being visible, whilst hiding others.And how hard is it to implement the jquery 'easing' effect into this, the way this site has done?Thanks for any help!
  10. Thank you chokk, and everyone else! I have learned a lot from this thread.
  11. Thank you, that makes sense. How would I go about changing my verify.php?
  12. Ah, I have modified the closing brackets, and now I get a different error. (Closer to the truth?) So the recaptcha code is preventing the regular checks from being executed...<?php require_once('recaptchalib.php'); $privatekey = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; $resp = recaptcha_check_answer ($privatekey, $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"], $_POST["recaptcha_challenge_field"], $_POST["recaptcha_response_field"]); if (!$resp->is_valid) { // What happens when the CAPTCHA was entered incorrectly die ("The reCAPTCHA wasn't entered correctly. Go back and try it again." . "(reCAPTCHA sa
  13. Hi Chokk, that is exactly where it is going wrong, let me show you the code and the subsequent error message on the bottom of this email.In my version I included the private and public keys, I should have been clear about that in my initial post.This is one of the errors I get, line 181 is the final line in the verify.php document.. so I am doing something wrong with just pasting my code in. Here is how it looks if I paste my existing verify.php contents into the reCaptcha line:<?php require_once('recaptchalib.php'); $privatekey = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; $resp = recaptcha_check_answer
  14. I have been following these instructions: http://code.google.com/apis/recaptcha/docs/php.htmlI currently have this form on my website: <form action="verify.php" method="post"><fieldset class="two-col"> <p class="left"> <br/>Full name<span class="required"> *</span><br/> <input type="text" name="fullname" class="texta"/> <br/>Telephone number<br/><input type="text" name="tel" class="texta"/><br/><br/>Your message<span class="required"> *</span><br/><br/><textarea name="comments" rows="8" c
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