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  1. Ah , that helps a great deal ! Thanks...vm
  2. I see . Thanks . This one thru me :localStorage.myKey = 'myData'; Because myKey wasn't defined anywhere , and it seemed that since it is used as a literal , it should read localStorage."myKey" .That's an unexpected syntax for me . I'm not sure what you mean by "a multi-part KEY." That's what I thought I was showing you when I mentioned JSON, but perhaps it's not. By "multi-part KEY" I mean , the KEY is composed of ( "myDiary_" + TodaysDate ) , so KEY would look like : [myDiary_2013.01.28] . So , in my code , when user does a Click on [OpenToday'sPage] Button , I would check if there
  3. Thanks : It matters because I am trying to learn about the Beast called localStorage ."Why does it matter what the browser names the files?"Oh , that's new information to me "the browser names the files" ...Thanks And I also learned that :The browser (in my case Chrome Version 24.0.1312.52 m ) names the files according to what is the current/active site .For example when I issue a 'localStorage command' from here :http://www.w3schools...me=tryjs_eventsThe browser names the files : http_www.w3schools.com_0.localstorage http_www.w3schools.com_0.localstorage-journal and here : https_plus.
  4. Please see my initial Post .Thanks...vmars316
  5. When I use your code , it creates the following 2 files :__0.localstorage__0.localstorage-journal When I substitute your line : localStorage.test = JSON.stringify(obj);with mine : localStorage.setItem('myKey', 'myData');the code creates the following 2 files : https_plus.google.com_0.localstoragehttps_plus.google.com_0.localstorage-journal I was expecting the files created with my code to be named :myKey.localstoragemyKey.localstorage-journalWhy aren't they ? Like I said , I need to understand what KEY means ,& where does KEY show up ?Also, which file contains the KEY ?Also, which f
  6. Hello & Thanks ,I would like to write a myDiary script . But I am having trouble with the concept of KEY . Normally , when I think of a KEY , as applied to data ,I think of it as an Index pointing to something . Givens :TodaysDate="2013.01.27" .And "myDiary_" is a constant .Then of course there is a TextArea1 full of text . I would like to Create a Key for localStorage ,consisting of ( "myDiary_" + TodaysDate) . [ myDiary_2013.01.27 ]How would I do that with localStorage :localStorage.key=( "myDiary_" + TodaysDate) I plan to run script like this :Each time the user clicks on [New Ent
  7. Can the file being created be edited/built in a textArea .Or is it a separate window outside of browser ?Thanks...vm
  8. * Hello & Thanks , Is there such a thing as 'CrossPlatform Desktop PHP' ?Normally I program in HotBasic (freeware programs) .But I am interested in crossplatform . So it seems like javascript and php are quite platform independent . Today I noticed a Php-Gtk crossplatform opensource package .I would like to write programs that run in Browsers ( IE , chrome , firefox , etc. ) . And I need to use the FileSyatem , for *.txt files . I know IE's *.hta can do this , but it is for IE only .So I am looking for the smallest Desktop footprint possible , to develop php/html/javascript programs . And
  9. I am trying to Include an external file inside of HTML that will work as crossBrowser: I have come up with three methods of coding it, but only Chrome works for all 3 methods.Anyone know of different ways to do this ?Thanks...Vernon Including an external file inside of HTML: In the 3 methods below , for GoogleChrome, all Methods(1,2,3) work ,and all methods show search results. For InternetExplorer, all Methods(1,2,3) show something ,BUT ONLY 'Method 2' shows search results. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd"><html><hea
  10. That wasnt intentional, i copied from Jarte and into TinyEdit,and it ended as above.I'll try and Edit it...vm
  11. Ok, thanks: Here are a couple of methods I found for copy/paste clipboard: http://www.brighthub.com/internet/web-development/articles/24628.aspx http://www.dynamic-tools.net/toolbox/copyToClipboard/ http://www.rahulsingla.com/blog/2010/03/cross-browser-approach-to-copy-content-to-clipboard-with-javascript http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms535220(VS.85).aspx ...Vernon
  12. How about: 2) Or can it be copied to clipboard?3) Can I dump textArea into an email?4) Some other clientSide method. Thanks...vm
  13. Greetings,I would like to be able to save clientSide textArea contents to a file? 1) A *.txt file would be nice. 2) Or can it be copied to clipboard?3) Can I dump textArea into an email?4) Some other clientSide method. Thanks...Vernon
  14. Ah, yes, good aim.Which led me to : http://www.w3schools.com/js/js_ex_dom.asp http://www.w3schools.com/js/js_examples.asp But I am not asking 'how to open a window'. I am saying 'given the code above', (see line 30.) He uses no OPEN , and still he manages to open a window,or at least clear orig window, then writeln to print a receipt. Anyways, Thanks for the link...vmars316 almost forgot, I combine both openWindows into one, in case there are other newbies, like me reading here:<html><!-- http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/met_win_open.asp --><head><script type="text/jav
  15. Greetings;In the following, what causes the js to create a new page, for writing the "document.writeln" onto: 31: document.writeln("Price: $" + total_price + "<br>");....Thanks...vmars316---START--1: <html>2: 3: <head>4: <title>JS input example.</title>5: <script language="JavaScript">6: <!--7: /* Start of round_total function.8: */9: function round_total © {10: var pennies = c * 100;11: pennies = Math.round(pennies);12: var strPennies = "" + pennies;13:
  16. Yes, that's exaclty what I want to do, Locally. But for all Browsers!The next best thing is ClipBoard. But I haven't yet found a way to make ClipBoard 'Browser independent'.Do you know of a way?So, I think that leaves 'Save stuff via cookies'. Which seem to be Browser independent.Am I right about that?Thanks...vmars316
  17. Greetings;How can I view a javascript that is referenced in an *.html ?. For example, something like this in an *.html : ../johnDoe/dough.js I want to study the script.Thanks...vmars
  18. 1) Can a server-side language run on client-side?2) If so, which ones? Browser independent?3) I guess I want to rePhrase my request:"How to write to a *.txt file, FROM a TEXTAREA and/or FROM an iFrame"? 4) Since my original request, I did find this(untested):var fso,filefso = newActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")file=fso.CreateTextFile("C:\\a.txt")file.close(); 5) But I want to write the 'whole text' FROM a TEXTAREA and/or FROM an iFrame,NOT just one line. If I have to write a line at a time, Can TEXTAREA and iFrame be accessed by index. Thanks...vmars
  19. swan52:I am learning too:would you be willing to Post your working example?Thanks...vmars
  20. Greetings;How to write to a *.txt file, Browser independent.I can read it into iFrame: (not sure about TextArea though) <iframe src="vmars.txt" style="float: right; width: 260px; height: 130px; margin-left: 12px; border: 1px solid black;" name="#vmarsTXT"></iframe>but how to write it back out? Into *.txt . Not into Cookies, but a real *.txt file.Thanks...vmars
  21. Greetings;I read your article on js_cookies @http://www.w3schools.com/js/js_cookies.aspAfter running the example, I noticed there were no directions on "how to delete a cookie".Pls, how do I delete this cookie?Thanks...vmars
  22. I am writing a pgm to generate ComboBox dropDown Menus User enters three parms: menuname<>(1) , linkname<>(1) , linkaddress<>(1) , linkname<>(2) , linkaddress<>(2) , .... menuname<>(2) , linkname<>(1) , linkaddress<>(1) , linkname<>(2) , linkaddress<>(2) , .... I would like to create an html page with three equal columns using only <div>.I would like to create an html page with three equal columns using only <table>.I would like to create an html page with three equal columns using only <css>.I would like to create a
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