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  1. Hey everyone,I was checking out the Chrome OS Features Page and I noticed their amazingly-cool buttons, that I'm assuming were made using JavaScript, most likely, jQuery.Does anyone have any tips on how to replicate such features?Do you think they used a plugin? I would imagine that it's most-likely hand-made, but, you never know.In the mean time, I'm checking the source markup to see if that yields any results.Thanks!!UPDATE:Sorry about that!It looks like these are utilizing canvas, but, I guess the question may still apply, considering it is most likely utilizing the JavaScript API's necess
  2. Exactly, WebForms is tempting to many (including me) to use just because a relatively powerful web application can be produced quickly via the dragging and dropping of those server controls. It is definitely possible to develop a WebForms web application and still maintain a reasonably good handle of standards-based markup, however, almost always, an ASP.NET MVC web app will output far more standards-compliant markup than WebForms.And yes, I completely agree with page refreshes and postbacks on every user click. Like I mentioned in my previous post, WebForms attempts to veil the naturally st
  3. OK, yeah, the design is awful to say the least! :)However, the backend, I agree, is where the value comes in.I appreciate your suggestion, thanks for the help!
  4. Due to the fact that both ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.NET MVC are two alternative frameworks (meaning that MVC is not mandatory and although came out later than WebForms does not actually replace it) of ASP.NET, they both share the .NET framework and the same essential runtime. Even though MVC adds on an additional runtime of sorts, to help with routing I believe...Anyway, it really comes down to personal preference.I'm starting new, currently, and am adopting MVC, but here are some very good pros and cons to both:WebForms:Pros- Allows rapid development of web applications- Doesn't require pri
  5. That's cool, now, when you say web developer are you considering web design a part of what a web developer does? Because, obviously, making simple changes to a static website is so simple it's great, whereas this project was quite complex. Agreed. OK, like you gave in your range, it will vary depending on the project's complexity. That's quite nice! Thanks for pointing that out. That appears to make it real easy to offer multiple "ends" of the project to different users with varying experience level. Even if it is based off of a free template? I thought $100 was way to low. Hmm, any good
  6. Hey guys,I was doing a website for a client, and being quite new to this stuff since I'm only just starting and I'm in high school , I wanted to get some feedback from everyone here.The client is asking for a functional website that they can maintain themselves.Their website name is www.aquadual.com where they specialize in a certain unique type of bathing suite.Now, I'm capable of doing more work than what you see currently. And, the reason you don't seen any products or categories other than samples, is just because I did not say that I would be doing their data entry, which is why they hav
  7. @thescientist Thanks for the clarification, I understand what you mean now.. I like the site btw! @MrFish I gotcha. The only problem I have with the suggestion is the fact that I'm going to be converting my html pages into ASP pages, so I'll have a "header.asp" page which I'll "include" in my other pages.What should I do now? I think in a way, it may make it a little easier.Thanks for the feedback by the way guys, and yeah, I'm in the process of adding some products! That's kind of important too. Also, that's actually the main reason I put the media section up, was so I could link to embe
  8. Great! Thanks, I like that suggestion a lot.What else did you think? By the way, I have not implemented the music on the other pages, yet, so the home page is where the action is, but do you recommend using ajax to aid in the "remembering" which part of the song is being played? In other words, so it continues from the same spot of the track?What else did you think?Thanks again!
  9. Hey guys!My site Mario Planet (http://www.marioplanet.com) has a goal of selling Mario Toys related to the Super Mario Brothers video game series.Now, I'm hard at work on the "back-end" of my site as we speak, working on my database and such. So, for now, if you take a look at my site, please look only at my homepage (index.htm). You are free to go to the other sites (obviously! ) but, I'm mainly looking for judging of my home page currently.Note:The site is supposed to have music, a feature I'm currently debating as it is great for people who have played the Mario games as I believe it invo
  10. Haha! Thank you so so much!!That was such a good idea. Check it out again, it looks pretty beast.OK, so a few things I'm trying to research as of right now due to some semi-cross-browser-compatibility-issues.Here's the browser statuses:Firefox 3.6.8:- Great except for when an end-user places his/her cursor in the input field, for some reason the cursor is kind of large, but then upon the end-user beginning to type, the font-size is normal.. A little strange.- Can't tell if the cursor should be bumped down 1 pixel also, not so sure yet.Chrome 5.0.375.126:- Great except just like FF 3.6.8 this
  11. I'm still quite n00by, but your simpleton terms are helping :)But the innerbox is where the padding will be applied, so that it is the actual <form type="text"> whereas the box which nests the innerbox contains the background image, correct? And the innerbox will have a higher z-index to be placed on top, and with the outerbox's full image, it will give the impression that it is one <form> tag with some really fancy CSS3 magic going on!Tell me if I'm way off..What's the best way to code this in your opinion?
  12. Hey thanks! I personally agree 100% haha :)Like the idea a LOT, I've been having problems with this now.Hmm, that sounds pretty good, now, could I just specify the input's background as that entire image?What would happen when they type more text on the right side? I guess it would be fine?
  13. OK, so if you check out http://www.marioplanet.com you can see that I am trying to mimic the design of apple.com for my menu bar, including my global search bar.Now, I'm trying to mimic Apple's input field for the global search bar, as close as I possibly can, so I need some help here.I would like the left and right cap images and the input field to be centered with the height, but I cannot figure out a way to specify this in CSS to be compatible in all browsers.I also need to have a grayed out placeholder string reading Search but I think I may be able to use JS for that. If can use HTML or C
  14. I am trying to use a snippet of jQuery to resize my images but it has been acting up..If you point your browser so you can view the problem on my page, at http://www.marioplanet.com/product.htm you may see the problem.If you have visited my site before in order to help me debug, which I appreciate, please make sure you delete your cookies for my site, and empty the cache, as it appears to only have a problem upon a first visit.The problem appears to be different for different browsers:Firefox (3.6.8) and IE (8): Underneath the bold text reading: "Category Plush" where the images should be prop
  15. Hello everyone,I think it may be easier to user Firebug and check it out in your FF browsers than for me to provide all of the source code, as I have a few different external CSS files attached to my site.I am having a problem with some unwanted spacing between my Apple-themed navigation menu and the following <div>'s on my page.You can view the problem at www.marioplanet.comIt just looks like a thin, 1px high or so part of the background bordering the nav bar and the rest of the <div>'s.Any suggestions as to what is causing this problem would be really helpful!Thanks!UPDATE:Thanks
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