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  1. The best free photo editing software would be GIMP
  2. is it at all possible to use one database for many sites?
  3. oh. so does that mean, unless I install mac on my laptop, I can't mess with cocoa objective-c?
  4. anarchojoseph


    Can I use xcode on a pc? I want to test it out, but can I on a pc? :/
  5. which part of the w3schools tutorial goes over menus? I haven't been able to find it. I want to create a menu on the left side of my site, but I'm not sure how to. Do you think I should use a vertical frameset? thanks
  6. Why not just use google search? People type in a string and then they find what they're looking for on your site. If you don't want to do that, you can create a meta search engine that allows people to search for books
  7. <tr> <td>100</td> What does the space mean when coding? Why do people do that when coding in html? Is it so that you can be better organized? And, lastly, is there a program that does this? because I use notepad++ and when I type in the same snippet of code I get <tr><td>100</td> should I double space manually? I've always wondered why people do this but I was never sure
  8. Tables are bad? I was going to use tables for a review site that I'm working on.
  9. thanks. do you recommend any books? or? maybe I'm missing some good info
  10. I've been reading / applying alot of what I've been studing here at w3schools. I have been reading alot of ebooks on the topics of html/class/xhtml/xml, yet I still ######. I know what things mean yet I ###### at structuring a new site. Is anyone familiar with this? I learn and learn yet I still ###### lol Maybe I should write about I want to do on paper? I can study and study but I just never get to where I want to go.Maybe it's my agenda? I'm thinking about doing projects for $$$ and creating unique sites that will rank high in google pr. Is that a bad mindset?
  11. I can't see the "Studio Wrx Logo" in IE
  12. I have dreamweaver, but I use notepad to learn. Good combo?
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