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  1. jibo


    but this doesnt give the person an option to choose where to upload the file..... thats what im lookin for like so they can choose to upload the file whether it be a mp3 or avi, as there all going to be in a seperaate folder, like domain.com/upload/music and domain.com/upload/movies so it can be directly uploaded into the correct folder rather than everything going into 1 place like domain.com/upload..... sorry i think i blabbered on a bit there loland im hopeless with php so have no iea how to put it together lol
  2. u mean a scroll bar in a table? so u can scroll up and down it?
  3. jibo


    as jhect said, "for furture reference" does that mean i cant use his method in that script? I cant use "$ext = array_pop(explode(".", $filename)); "?????? and does anyone have an answer for my question in post 10, thanks
  4. jibo


    oh yer i found the mimetype for wma and wmv "theyre not on the list u gave me"wma is - audio/x-ms-wmawmv is - video/x-ms-wmvif anybody wanted em
  5. jibo


    infact ive just had a thought, something a bit better i could use... dont mean to ask too much lol but the upload code ive gt is... <?php$target = "upload/";$target = $target . basename( $_FILES['uploaded']['name']);$ok=1;if (!($uploaded_type=="audio/mpeg") && (!($uploaded_type=="video/quicktime")) {echo "You may only upload mp3 and quicktime videos files.<br>";$ok=0;}if ($ok==0){Echo "Sorry your file was not uploaded";}else{if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES['uploaded']['tmp_name'], $target)){echo "The file ".basename( $_FILES['uploadedfile']['name']). " has been uploaded";}else{echo "Sorry, there was a problem uploading your file.";}}?> is there a way it can be modded so the uploader can choose a destination that they would like to upload it to... ie a drop down box to decide for example if upping a quiktime vide they can place in a videos folder or an mp3 in a music folder? just to cat up rather than moving the files about once uploaded? but doing this id assume id need to edit the html with an other field is this correct? the html code i currently have is <form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="upload.php" method="POST">Please choose a file: <input name="uploaded" type="file" /><br /><input type="submit" value="Upload" /></form> thanks
  6. jibo


    top lad thnks a lot pal... thers loads ther lol i found all the 1s i need except theres 1 missing..... which is wma so ill just test it as audio/wma if it doesnt work ill kepp looking, again big thanks, and nice work :)
  7. jibo


    nice 1 mate... all i need no its the correct wording to recognise file types for uploadin as in!($uploaded_type=="image/gif")"image" for an image file"text" for a txt file lik php or w/eso i assume an audio file would b "audio" and perhaps .zip files maybe simply just "file" but im not sure and have no idea what it would be for videos lol so if sum1 can help please
  8. jibo


    and for more file types jus do the same thing right?ie if (!($uploaded_type=="audio/mp3") && !($uploaded_type=="audio/wma") && !($uploaded_type=="image/gif")) {echo "You may only upload mp3, wma & gif files.<br>";$ok=0;} to allow someone to upload all file types? instead of doing a seperate if statement for each file type is tht correct?
  9. jibo


    hey i found script for uploading files but wasnt 100% clear and im a completly brain dead wen it comes to php loli understand most but to upload specific file types it says if (!($uploaded_type=="image/gif")) {echo "You may only upload GIF files.<br>";$ok=0;} as an example to only allow the upload of .gif filesif i want to allow other things as an upload ie mp3 or whatever else would i say if (!($uploaded_type=="audio/mp3")) { or would i use a differnet word oppose to "audio" (same with .zip/.rar files and files such as .avi or mpg? is "audio" the correct word to use?) also if i want to allow upload of of mp3 and wma would i do it like this? if (!($uploaded_type=="audio/mp3")) {echo "You may only upload mp3 & wma files.<br>";$ok=0;}if (!($uploaded_type=="audio/wma")) {echo "You may only upload mp3 & wma wma files.<br>";$ok=0;} or would it be done in the same code like if (!($uploaded_type=="audio/mp3,wma")) {echo "You may only upload mp3 & wma files.<br>";$ok=0;} but as i said im rubbish at php so i dont know if commas are used or not its just a guess :)thanks in advance for any help
  10. jibo

    problem with poll

    its fine ive managed to do it from youre help thanks alot.... all i needed to change it to is $chem_script_apoll2 = "./poll/";include($chem_script_apoll2."poll.php"); and now it works, i jus need to figure out how to change the size and colour lol thnks
  11. jibo

    problem with poll

    so ur sayin i should change the code to say $chem_script_apoll2 = "./poll/poll.php";include($chem_script_apoll2."poll.php"); so the "." represents the amount of files in the path to the folder ie if it was going in choonage.com/stuff/morestuff/page.php then it would be ".../poll/" is that correct?also do i just do what i have been doing, replacing the small html code for the template poll for the php code? thanks
  12. jibo

    Music Files

    ive had the same problem with the bgsound tag only workin in IE i no it doesnt work in firefox but i dont know a way around that, and i see on ur page ur usin the quicktime media player.... its upto you and it may just be for testing but those security pop ups that come up realy annoy me lol id advise using an alternative player like WMP or flash... if u want flash lemme no i t a good lil music player u can use
  13. jibo

    problem with poll

    hi, im wanting a poll on my website with 3 options which iva managed to make using to control panel i gt when installing everything on mysql database (, im new so what i mean is ... when i got the script i wanted, and uploaded everything, i ran the setup so it would use the mysql database which then, i could access a acontrol panel through www.mywebsite.com/poll/admin) when i did this it then allowed me to set up the poll i wanted, after doing this it said.... "Replace "{WAY}" by the way, relative (example : "./" if the page invites you to include your survey in the same repertory, "../", if the page is located in the preceding repertory, "./sondage/" if the page is located in a following repertory) to the root of the repertory for your survey." which i assume means... eg "/poll/poll.php" or something similar. what i also gt was the php code to put into my page where i want the poll which is <?phpunset($id_rubrique_apoll2, $id_poll_apoll2, $voter_apoll2);$id_poll_apoll2 = 1;$chem_script_apoll2 = "{WAY}";include($chem_script_apoll2."poll.php");?> the only thing is i dont know how to insert this ode into the index, th index is saved as .php and i tried inserting the code where the template poll is now but i just got errors, can someone please give me a solution, thnks :)and below is a screen shot of my cp incase it helps with the replacing the {WAY} thing oh ye and my site is www.choonage.com
  14. jibo

    help with <style>

    every1 can jus ignore this topic now i sorted it, apparently my code for my homepage was corrupt and thats why it dissapeared so thats probs why the scrollbar wasnt working, since starting from scratch the custom scrollbars are now workin fine so thnks everyone for ya help
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