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  1. Them both make scense and they both worked for me so thanks alot Jonas and LG and Jonas is my signature better
  2. There are also other types of html like dhtmls and all types of other ones go to the school of www.w3school.com and id follow the list going down the left column on what to learn.. Good luck.. have fun..
  3. Hey, Thanks that worked great LT... and i think i got my signature working now and 1 more thing u know that picture of a goat u have on the sides of ur posts how do i get my photo there, whats it called
  4. I don't know where or how to add that in i dont know how to use css's yet. copy my post HTML and put that in it then post it so i c what it looks like please
  5. soccercory7


    Ok when I do a listing like with bullets or #'s it putts them like there supposed to be but the bullets arent straight up and down, they are moved pending the length of the word.The HTML is<center><ul> <li>Soccer</li> <li>Wrestling</li> <li>Basketball</li></center></ul>But if i dont center it it works<ul> <li>Soccer</li> <li>Wrestling</li> <li>Basketball</li></ul>But i want it centered
  6. I copied and pasted it into a test page and it also worked fine, I dont see where your problem isYour Final is supposed to beUsername[box to type in]Password [box to type in]{login} in abuttonam i right
  7. I dont know the exact number that the version of explorer it is but my friend who puts all the stuff on my comp said its the newest version available, as of april 3rd...but let me know what version this one is if u can tell me.
  8. My computer has explorer and it has sofar supported every html you have said it cant support whats going on
  9. Another thing you can do is when you have the picture on the website, you can right click on it and "save image as" usually is there. This way to me seems faster than downloading it and you dont usually get all the spam and viruses with it, Then once you have it you can go to your contol panel on computer then desktop and set background as the picture using browse for the picture.
  10. yeah i forgot that i changed my signature... and it should be yellow car with a gguy waving his hand and being chased by a cop car bouncing up and down...but anyways how do i make my signature work.
  11. Ok thanks any way i got it...I had to go a different way around that washarder and took a little longer, But alls good that ends well.lol .
  12. soccercory7


    In my earlier post titled marquee there was a reply that mentioned something about a <blink> tag... I do not know what this is and hearing about it kind of makes me curious as to what it does and how to use it. If you can give me a hand please give a response.. and can someone tell me if my signature is working, it should be a soccerball and my name.
  13. I need to get a sound file to put in the html it has to be a "wav" file though. and i thought that i had to stream the music to upload it? please correct me if im wrong.
  14. now streaming them help please
  15. Hey little goat, or anyone else...can you tell me of any place i can get a sound to save to my comp. or where to get free sounds over internetcory
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