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  1. Jonas - I love Eddie Izzard!! Boen_robot, any ideas where I can find a little more info on this suggestion? I have never done anything like that before so would require further reading. Thanks !
  2. Thanks for the input,I am a Brit living in US so have this debate all the time. End of the day it's called English so what ever is used in England should reign supreme. But life isnt that simple.American is usually simpler, spell it how it sounds type approach which makes sense. But is still wrong
  3. Thanks for the code, thats kinda what I was after but unfortunatly the site is all hard coded... I wish it was database driven, for many more reasons than this! But no, it aint.
  4. Although I'd love the site to be full of Monty Python, they might not...Basically I am thinking I will just have a list of all the words that change, like color > colour and optimize > optimise etc and as the page loads do a find replace on all of the words found.I cant think of a better way of doing it and not duplicating the code. Is there a way of doing such a find replace? I know how to do it on a string, but I want to do the whole page except html tags...
  5. I have a US website that needs recreating for the UK market. All of the content is the same so I'm thinking there must be a way I can do a big find and replace as the page loads. That way I dont have to duplicate all of the files.It is built in ASP. Any ideas how this could be achieved? I have googled for solutions but nothing really fits what I want.Thanks
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