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    I've sorted that problem, I unistalled all the IIS components and the re-installed them again and it returned to nromal. I now have the correct http://locahost screen. I went to http://localhost/edittool.asp and it gave me the form. I then made changes and clicked submit, expecting the xml to be changed.On click of the submit button it took me to a HTTP 500 error and didnt display anything updated. I went to the xml file and nothing had changed I copy and pasted the 4 files from the example on this site, so the code is fine, what should happen ? and does anyone have a clue what might be c
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    I have no default website in inetmgr, could this be the reason.If it is, how do I had one and set it up properly ?
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    Thanks but I get a Website cannot be found error HTTP 404, this happens when I go to http://localhost/ or http://localhost/edittool.asp
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    Hi Having now got IIS running on my PC (Running windows 7) I am trying to test the tool.xml, tools.xsl, tools_updated.xsl and edittool.asp files within ISS so I can have my first script to update and XML file running.However. I haven't got a clude what I am doing with IIS. I'm not even getting the local host welcome screen anymore and I hade this earlier. I have tried putting the 4 files listed above in the wwwroot folder inside the inetpub folder and had a browse arounf the inetmgr screens, adding the files to a website set up in inetmgr, but a really dont have a cluse and cant get the xml
  5. Hi,I want to have 3 combo boxes, the first restricting the 2nd and the 2nd restricting the 3rd. I originally set out to do this by having an xml file with my data in and an xsl file to style the data into 3 seperate combo boxes, but they were not restricitng based on the values. I spoke with a colleague who has suggested the best way is to do away with the xsl, and load the xml and query the combo boxes all in my html file using javscript.I was using the xmlhttprequest example found on this site to load the xml and xsl files originally.Could someone please provide me with the code for popula
  6. I have a textarea in a form, which not surprisingly will have text input to it, but I also need to be able to drag and drop or copy and paste images onto it.I've looked it up and it doesn't appear to be possible to do.How else can I achieve the same result. The text has be translated from an xml file, so once the image is in the text area it to will probably need some sort of entry in the xml file aswell.Does anyone have any suggestions pleaseThanksBrett
  7. Hi all,First of all I love this site, I have been studying the content for a while now and have learnt loads :-) THANKSAlthough there isn’t a section for discussing projects I figured I could put it here, as i want to write it in JavaScriptI want to create an application that allows you to make a set of contemporaneous notes, but the data that will be added to the notes will only be the data that is permitted from the selection options (drop downs, radio buttons etc). All this data will come from an xml file.It will style the selected content into a pane of the right of the browser, so in e
  8. Hello all,I have been studying Javascript for the last 5 days, pretty full on !!I know it only 5 days, but I thought I had a pretty good grasp of it, so started doing my first app, which was a pretty simple calculator project, not a normal calculator, but one that would serve a purpose for my work.Anyhow, I found it a lot more difficult than I thought I would, and looking at my code in restrospect, although it kind off works it doesnt look very well written.How long and how many projects has it taken most people to really get into the swing of it ?
  9. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.I had tried to add the option tag throughout my attempts and it wouldnt work then either, but I pasted your code and in addition removed the catalog from the below line:from: <xsl:template match="/catalog">To: <xsl:template match="/">And those 2 things combined worked. Really Really grateful. I have 5 days off of work, which I am using for some intense code learning and you've just prevented me from stewing over one thing the whole time.CheersBrett
  10. Hi there, Im new to coding and have found this website extremly usefulI have an xml file, which is the CD catalog xml used in the examples.I have an xsl file, which originally came from another one of the examples, but it used a table to output the data into. I am trying to amend this so that instead of a table, a combo box appears, which when selected is populated with all the artists names from the corresponding xml file.This is the XML file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?><!-- Edited by XMLSpy® --><catalog> <cd> <title>Empire Burlesque</title&
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