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  1. I remembered, just after I posted my question, that Mac computers don't like Flash. I converted the .flv to .mov and, using the same code, everything worked for the Mac users.Thanks for your prompt reply to my question.
  2. I wrote a simple code to link to a flash video that I had downloaded from YouTube. With my experience, the only thing I write is simple HTML code.When I test it on my PC, my Realplayer opens immediately, the 24 mb file takes about 10 seconds to load, and the video starts playing.Friends of mine who have Mac computers get nothing but "gobbledegook" all over their screens when they hit the link.What can I do so Mac users can view the videos?Thanks for your help.
  3. I've just written a couple of simple websites with just HTML and I've noticed that the browsers stretch the content to fill the widescreen monitors. This w3schools page is also stretched all the way across my big screen.How can I control the width, so the page maintains the same look that I had before widescreen monitors, which would leave blank spaces on the sides?
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