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  1. Thank you for all your help! Very happy with how it's turned out, and can't thank you enough for your time in this... -SP
  2. thankyou dsonesuk! The content is now centered, though I've tried the same thing for the body abd main divs, but they don't seem to cooperate with my intent! I'm an amatuer at best when it comes to this, so all help is greatly appreciated. Another issue- I want the bg.jpg to show entirely, even if the content doesn't fill it completely.. is there a css code for doing that? Again, thank you! CSS: body { height:auto; background-color:black; width:1280 px; margin: 50px 50px 0 0; }#main { background-image:url(images/bg.jpg); background-repeat:no-repeat;}#header { width:1280px; margin:50px 50px 0
  3. Okay, I have some of my issues worked out. Now, I'm trying to center the page, so I put margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto but it stays on the left. I'm also trying to have the entire background show (the pale image) but that's not really going how I thought, either... index.php: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"><html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /><title>Sonic Phantasm Entertainment</title>
  4. Hi! I'm afraid I'm ignorant to something here, as I've been trying to apply particular effects via css on this simple site, but cannot figure it out! Before I make even more of a code mess, I thought I'd see if anyone with a clue could help point me in some direction as to what it might be... thank you for your help! INDEX: body {height:auto;background-color:black;margin: 10px auto;}#main {width:1280;background-image:url(images/bg.jpg);margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;background-repeat:no-repeat;} #header {width:1280;margin:50 0 0 0;background-image:url('images/logo.png');background-repeat:n
  5. If I have any more kids, I'm naming them dsonesuk1, then dsonesuk2... Thankyou, I really appreciate your help:) -sonicphantasm
  6. dsonesuk- is this what you are saying? in my style sheet i have this: #nav a { float:left; display:block;} and in the include for nav i have this (at least for the first couple): <a href="http://www.organizersinternational.com/services.php"><img border="0" alt="Organizers International Services" src="/images/nav/nav01_services_rest.jpg"/></a><a href="http://www.organizersinternational.com/portfolio.php"><img border="0" alt="Organizers International Portfolio" src="/images/nav/nav02_portfolio_rest.jpg"/></a> Though it is still giving a space..
  7. i had tested the width much higher to no success, and still should not keep spaces either way, should it?
  8. I've looked up other people's topics regarding spaces in between images, and I suppose there is something else I am not getting. The nav bar (and bottom "social media section, probably same cause) here:www.organizersinternational.com should be all grouped together, but nothing seems to work! Thank you in advance for your help!
  9. New baby keeps me from doing these things while I'm coherent! I've tried to divide the page, and have several obvious problems (I copied this version of the site into a new folder called test on the server, so it should all be relative, right?) Here's what I have: http://sonicphantasm.com/test/ First, I want the top logo and navigation to be arranged like on : www.sonicphantasm.com and also pushing the rest of the content downward accordingly. Second, I am not sure how to apply the appropriate css to the left column (haven't even started the right column as of yet). If you could please baby st
  10. Hi, I have this page: http://www.sonicphantasm.com and before I do the other pages, I believe that separating the header, footer and anything else(?) would be a wise decision. I'm asking 1: Does this make sense? So I can add links to one page and they will all update accordingly? And 2: How would you divide the information up? I was using Dreamweaver (tsk tsk) and so the extra coding is confusing to me, especially when I noticed that body has a bunch of things I am unfamiliar with. So thank you to the one who has a moment to take this step by step with me! Below is all the code: <!DOCTYPE h
  11. Hi, I'm testing this flash plugin: http://sonicphantasm.com/FlowplayerTest/index.html and its not loading (and it wouldn't locally, either). Any ideas greatly appreciated!
  12. http://sonicphantasm.com/soundmanipulation/index.php Hi, I downloaded "Flowplayer", flash audio application ( http://flowplayer.org/plugins/streaming/audio.html ) and would like to insert it into the site above (after the spry content section). My content is set up as Index.php swf (a folder containing the downloaded flash file, and an mp3 also in this flash file) On the flowplayer site is a section that says " Flowplayer as music box" which is what I am trying to accomplish. I am unsure of where the different sections of code go and what parts I should even be using (nothing I tried was work
  13. Hi, I'm just hosting this "php site" on my hosting space to test out the php, and before I move it to its own space, I'm trying to understand why in Firefox version 4.01, I see things things normally on one computer, and then on another, the links section on the left will *randomly* change size, as though they've lost their spacing. I can't point to a particular page, however, because it is inconsistent. I'm honestly not even sure if that's a php issue, and if not I would be happy to move this to the appropriate section.The other problem I have is when I open the site in Explorer, the navigati
  14. Very good points and I appreciate all of them...As far as the encoding I am using Dreamweaver... is this a bad start? Is this best to do all from scratch? The only js I think I am using is for the Facebook thing, but I am assuming the rollovers are made with JS then...So if this is the main problem, are there yays for me discontinuing use with dreamweaver for the design mode? Any other programs you'd suggest that keep things more validated for someone with much less experience? Thanks again!
  15. Hi, I'm doing a VERY simple layout and going for minimalism at the moment. Before I begin a marketing campaign, I'd like to mention the main intent of this site is just to get facebook "likes" before anything else. I will be adding moer, but like I said, this is phase one in my approach.1 - Does this work for you (read: did you "like the page"?)2 - Why or why not (and if you are super anti drugs or anything please spare the speeches, we all appreciate it:)www.420peoplelikethis.comThank you for your input!
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