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  1. Hello there,introducing my website: www.8november.netthere you see I have an drop down menu,it cost me some headache and ??? to have it fixed.but remember implement what customers wants, not what you want!my regards, Andreas from Australia
  2. well I use frontpage 2003, but navy man Ron in the USAsuggested I use a different and thus better one.what shall I do?
  3. Hi there,have a look at my website: www.8november.netand see my drop down menu, maybe my coding is of help for you.cheers, Andreas from Australia*****
  4. Hi everyone,problem what I have with my webpages, that I can't figure how to auto size the pages depending on text. so when you have small amount of text it auto fit what you have on screen.for example: this pageas you see not much text on it, but you still have to scroll down,i only want people to scroll down when text go out of sight.thanks for your help,cheers, Andreas - www.8november.net
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