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My interest in web programming began in early 2010. In a program I used regularly, there was an option to create your own "photo gallery" HTML pages from a specified directory. I was very impressed by those simple HTML pages! I clicked up the "view source" option on the browser, and the "mind-boggling" HTML mysteriously attracted me. After browsing the web for some HTML tutorials, I fortunately stumbled upon w3schools, and jumped right into HTML. I then began to learn CSS and JavaScript, but when I learned that you couldn't create a secure login system with JS, I began PHP. These led me to learning various related languages, frameworks and techniques such as SQL, jQuery/AJAX, basic XML/RSS and SEO.

In the future, I hope to become more efficient in these technologies, and branch out to new ones. I am extremely grateful to the knowledgeable moderators and other dedicated members here who assist me in understanding web development. I hope that as I become more experienced, I will be able to give back to this community and aid others in their learning.

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