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  1. Hi Guys, I have a small question about facebook application, When I want to add post to my facebook timeline, who can I send the data I want to send by fetching it from my facebook application or by send it from my website or application to my facebook appklication??? \ Thank you
  2. justsomeguy, thanks for replay your question is not clear for me,but I am using PHP, MYSQL, Jquery for this. I find a solution for this "full calendar" which is very nice and easy to accomplish the work, just pass the a server scripting url that's return JSON array in specific format and the full calendar will do the job! that's fine, ok?I need to know how they set the content for the right date? thank you again frnd
  3. Hi guysI am working on something tricky about display an image under the date text inside the cell in jquery calendarI don't mind about the plug-in of Jquery, My question is how we can assign a certain data for a cell date in the calendar assuming I have an array of values from the database and I want to assign each array element for a specific date? any idea?thanks in advance for any help
  4. hi I double check that's the ID is unique. I want to ask something if you don;t mind in the replywhat is the basics steps to make a printable DOJO/JQuery calendar? thank you
  5. samerhannoun


    Hi guys, I would like to ask if anyone working with Dojo 1.6 I new to dojo, and tried something but not working dojo.query('#element'); it's not working but when I use dojo.byId('element');its works fine what is the problem with dojo.query????
  6. boen_robot What I will do is setup 2 web server one for the php and the other one tomcat for java with 2 port number, this is an easy way. thank you again
  7. Ok guys thank you for reply, Now: I set up a tomcat server and deploy the javabridge.war within it, and I run it successfully. My question:should I install 2 web server on my server one for PHP and one for Java, or Installing tomcat server to handle php and java??is this possible? justsomeguy: my request was not clear enough, I just want a help with Installation. boen_robot: yes I mean Zend Server! thank you guys again
  8. since 6 years this man help me, he is the DON of this fourm

  9. justsomeguy, thank you for reply.I make some research about this, and I see this pages, but to be honest I can't get it, these page doesn't make a sense for me I think after googling it, there are 3 ways to do this:1. the link you push.2. IBM webSphere3. Zend framework in fact I like the first method, but as I said I can't get it. I think this task for Xperts developer, I haven't the enough Xperince to implement such tasks.anyway, could you help me about this. thank you again
  10. I want PHP to communicate with Java on server, it's for online payment issues, our project build with PHP and payment gateway API's for .NET and JavaSo the payment gateway suggest that's we can use PHP Java bridge for that.
  11. if you all this why you post this?? you will not find any one post the whole code for you here and else where. So as start point you should read about php and how its handle text files.
  12. Hi guys,,, I am into something strange and I haven't any idea about how to implement this ###### (PHP Java Bridge). I make some research and then go back here to ask some question if you can help guys! What I would like to know the following: 1. What is the System requirement for that? (Windows and Linux). and small examples test on windows and Linux FinallyThanks in advance for any help Best wishes
  13. Hi Guys, I am into SQL Query as follows: Event table : need from here event_id :: this PK here and FK in Event attendee Event_attendee table : need from here teacher_id:: FK here and PK in teacher table Teacher table : need from here to know if male or female based on teacher_id What I am into get the total of attendee total of male total of female how Can I do that? Thank you in advance for any help
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