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    Fast Calc

    As you may or may not noticed, am looking for the short way, a pointer for where i can get a working example of it, I have no knowledge of javascript and can`t be bothered to learn it right now.In general i am vs Feeding someone right up(And giving away the answer) without trying first, But i need to make an exception this time.I should mention that am quite aware of the fact that i won`t reach far without learning js and i am intending to learn it, But not for this current example.
  2. Illasera

    Fast Calc

    A common question : I have a shopping cart, And i have :X - products,Y - The amount of money per product,Z - How many products i wish to buy.I wish to calculate the Product cost (Y) multiply (*) by the amount of products (Z). aka Y * Z.and i wish for it to be On client side(Javascript) and with no refresh(jquery). aka Client Runtime.Any points on how? am not exprienced in javascript,So a few indicators on "How to" Will be great :)Thanks in advance.
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    Private Message

    Thank you, Hope this will work Gonna test the JOINing it soon.
  4. Illasera

    Private Message

    Thanks mate, I have read all about it, but the following questions are :1.)Does it work with MySql as well? I noticed it worked well with SQL.2.)What`s the difference between JOIN and Foreign key?3.)Does join work with MyIASM storage engine (I assume that it does but still).Thanks in advance.
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    Private Message

    Ok , I understand that i have no choice but to use InnoDB, But how do i execute the code in php?How do i call one table and asks its key for another table? Do i query data from 2 tables all togheter?Thanks in Advance.
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    Private Message

    Hey all, Here is the deal, I am using MySQL 5.0.77, phpMYAdmin (Versions maybe necessary) with Storage Engine of MyIASM.I want to give users the ability to store private messages.Now i have a table for users that stores all the users data in it, But i cant store private messages inside it, Since i need a full table for it as well.Now to create a new table i have no problems with, The problem is to find out is "What private message belong to which user (The recipient)"So i need to link the private message table to the user table, And link the private message itself to the User ID, Now i
  7. Way #1 - Didnt change anything, Note that i also cant get the value of 'allow_url_include' with : echo ini_get('allow_url_include');Way #2 - I am hosting a remote server, So i don`t think accessing local files will help me.Unless again, I misunderstand you?I have set the "allow_url_include" to "on" in my php.ini file at my localhost, Seems to working fine, But again it`s in my localhost, Note that i don`t have access to php.ini in remote host.Birbal mathod of "ini_set('allow_url_include',1);"Didn`t seems to work well, Or maybe i don`t know where to put it how to set it take effect.But it`s see
  8. I am afried i don`t have access to php.ini file in my hosting server, Makes since, Probably security reasons or they just want people to mess around.I do include the full file path in my include function, Or maybe i misunderstand you ...
  9. First of all , The end qutation mark typo is in my post, not my sourcecode, I didnt post the entire sourcecode i guess.The code i posted, Generates(Writing the php files, and link them to the website working correctly) However, when i try to access these pages in the website, the connection seems to dieout (After few minutes, it displays the entire page without the header and footer), When i disable the includes, Everything seems to be working fine, The problem lays on the include() function, Not writing file, Not a parsing issue,The window isn`t empty, It displays all the context i wrote besi
  10. $File_Handle = fopen($hostname.".php", "w", 1); $File_Syntax = "<?php include('http://www.address.extension/Header1.php'); ?>" fwrite($File_Handle, $File_Syntax); fclose($File_Handle); in case that wasn`t clear from the text.
  11. No endless loop as far as i can tell, Anything else mate?
  12. I have a problem that started random, for no reason.I am trying to make a page generator, And everything went well, And all of a sudden, The pages that got generated and the new one stopped working, (The pages loaded takes 5 minutes to load, and in the end, Get rendered without the Header/Footer files).Now i isolated the problem by commenting most of my code that i was writing to the files i generated,And i found out the problem was, The header and footer of the files i include(),The only difference in the header/footer files i included is the way there are included,In all my none generated fi
  13. That helped ! Thank you mate!Now any idea how do i create the file as UTF-8 without BOM?
  14. Hey all, 1.)I am trying to create a new file with fopen(filename, "w") (I have php 4.x.x.x, no 5, so Can`t use the new function "file_put_contents")(Mode = w : write only + create if not exist)2.)I have valid permission on the current directory that am trying to create the file in3.)I also wish for the file to be created with Encoded utf-8 without BOM4.)Please Note that am using both local/Remote servers to test the function, In this test i used local server to query php errors, But i have a remote storage server.5.)I am not sure about the syntax, lets say i have the following settings : (PLEA
  15. Found the problem that leads to a new problem, The issue wasnt characters limit or something,IT was the character = ' (single quote) that i had in most of my wordsits seems to be i need to add a backward slashes to single quotes if they are part of a string, Now the new question is : How do i do that?
  16. No no no no, The browser sumbit the form onto itself,Meaning i have a page.php where the form is, and am submitting the form into page.php,Ill double check the error syntax and will write it as it displays soonPlease note that am having the same issue now even for an english text, When i POST a long variable, it reports the following error :You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 's bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla at line 1Let me ask the following question, Maybe it
  17. 1.)Using POST mathod.2.)Not using javascript at this section, unless you mean that post form mathod uses it... But i didnt write anything in javascript.3.)It doesnt post at all , When it exceed 255 characters, The other paramaters that i am trying to post get deleted as well.
  18. Hey everyone, Am submitting a long text (ASIAN LANGUAGE) form to MySQL (IASM), But whenever i exceed 255 characters, it wont sumbit the form at allNow as far as i understand, over 255 characters change from varchar datatype that can hold "Special characters" to text datatypeI am assuming text is unable to accept NON-ascii code unless am wrong, Anyone have any idea how to handle this issue?Thanks in advance.
  19. I have a <select> drop down menu with options that correspond into a "set" datatype in MySql(myIasm) database*Please note - That i have changed few names in my code so it may looks like i have a typo or a data doesnt fit, But it does.However, I fail to insert the data from the select menu into the "set" colomn in MySQL database, is there some sort of trick to do so?codePage.php echo "<form action='page.php' method='post' enctype='multipart/form-data'>"; echo "<select name='GROUP_One' size='1' style='width:200px; height:30px; direction:rtl; text-align:right; font-family:arial;
  20. Illasera


    I am looking for a function like the C language strcpy, Note that most PHP functions are taken from C , I was a bit suprised when i found out that this function isn`t included as well,I am trying to copy a partion of a string to a smaller string, I tried using for and foreach loop but they wont work well (I am mis-using them),Since its a really short function, Can someone guide me how to write it?Thanks in advance
  21. Thank you , Although What i am trying to ask is, Since every php file has local variables, once the file ends, does php include() function also include the local variables in other files or they cease to exist once the file terminate.
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