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  1. Ok, Noted, Another question : Am i allowed to create a header & footer, and write mysql_connection in the header and mysql_close in the footer? (including() both files to the context files/web pages)Will the browsers know how to handle the mysql_connection/close? Assuming the parameters are defined in different places, E.G(header.php - File #1)<?php$connection = mysql_connection("localhost" "bla" "bla");?> (footer.php - File #2)<?phpmysql_close($connection)?> (Context.php - File #3)<?phpinclude("header.php");include("footer.php");?> Thanks in advance
  2. 1.)The mini-blog updates once per week so no need caching.2.)Each webpage uses different tables, so no combining needed
  3. Hey all,I have 2! 2 questions!1.)In almost every page on my website, am querying some sort of information from MySQL(IASM) databases, Meaning that every web page need to connect/close connection to MySQL Storage server,A.)I would like to know how does the connect/close connection effects my data-traffic and performance on my hosting server.B.)If asking for connection for every page per every client is to much and can cause overflow of data or some sort of bottleneck, is there a way to come around it, A more optimized way to establish connections?2.)I have ~3 (Or any other number of ) tables in
  4. Thank you for the paremeters info. That proved to be helpfullThank you so much mate, That solved my problem, Thank you, Thank You, Thank you,I think to solve my problem without HTML format, would be set the php mail with content-language, Its a shame i have no idea how to do it, But that will do
  5. Hmmm yea, i figured that , But thanks mate,But i didn`t quite get that part, can you explain how do you combine php variables within the SetBodyHTML?Sorry for the lack of understanding..
  6. Let us not forget my active topic Last bump
  7. Ok first thing first, The old mail sent HTML files, (I can view source while in the new one i cant , since the new one, I send mails as plain php mail)In the old mail header(The html using mail), In the source i have the following header tags<html><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" context="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />...<mail body></End tags> While in the new mail, am sending plain php mail so no view source options (I am using php since i am including variables like username/password, and other stuff) (If there is a way to include html syntax in php mail or
  8. The thing is, I am functioning as my company new web builder(webmaster) Whatever you wanna call it,Am building the company website from scratch,Before me, A Web-building company (A Company in charge of builidng websites), Has built the old one,The thing is, The old website, Used to send mails via our website with the same mail provider, STMP authenticated mail, Probably without Zend_mail, And all the other clients (including the problematic client), received the mail properly encoded.Now here is what we are going to do mate,Am going to send mail via the old website (with the mail system that w
  9. Of course its not simply outlook 2007 (The client (The user)) is using outlook 2007, and the CLIENT has the problem, but with outlook 2007 software (Something about the settings am sure), When an indvidiual have the same software, same mail supplier, and same mail box domain inbox like the rest of the company, and only he has the problem, then its a settings issue, My question is, how to make Zend_mail pass it, Not Everyone who has that problem can solve it , We use a mail server provider for our mailboxes (mail@ourcompany_domain), no hotmail Something private, The same mail provider we use
  10. Sure mate, However , am not at the office today, tommrow ill be able to, ill bump this topic then.Please note that most outlook 2007 clients , my mail is getting decoded right,However, this client isn`t getting the mail right only from me and another person,But i wish to prevent as many errors as i can, Since i send my mails to over 1000 clients,And one error can represent an entire group of clients with the same error,So for my note here, Most outlook 2007 clients beside this one having no problem with encoding...
  11. This is the correct mail that i have in my GMAIL client mailbox,But like i said, The problematic mail is OUTLOOK 2007 This is GMAIL original message raw context, I cant find it in outlook 2007 though :)Am i right boan robot cool guy?Thanks in advance.
  12. The raw message got nothing displayed...But am afried these are just whitespace or invisiable characters, but the context is there...
  13. Nope, NothingWhen i set the encoding menually in the client mail to utf-8Then it displays right, Any idea what changes when i change the encoding set menually?I mean, I know the entire encoding paradigm changes but, What could it be in zend_mail that changes it?
  14. NO NO NO :)I love you mate, Thanks but not working :'( Am clueless...
  15. Now the encoded language doesnt apear at all in that mail client...Allthough in my mail account it does apear.The subject encoded name does seems to apear right, just the mail body has issues... weird huh?
  16. Thank you mate!However : Some clients who support encoding to the language am using, Still need to menually declare in their mail settings : utf-8,Is there some ways to pass that?Some people get the mail with the right coding but some need to set menually, I want everyone to get the right settings, Any ideas?
  17. *Failed to set zend mail character setI know its easy, I followed the documentation but i still unable to set my email head/subject/body with the right character-set,I see the mail with gibbrish kinda looking character set (The famous squares and weird symbols).I am using Zend mail(After a lot of hot suggestions from people around here).php files are encoded as 8 bit no bomIncluded header code : header('Content-Type: text/html;charset=UTF-8'); Here is the code, (params has been changed for the sake of security) What am i doing wrong? $config = array('auth' => 'login', 'username' =>
  18. It worked, Thank you, Love you ! 2 days of trying to solve it and , well, YOU DID IT !
  19. Thanks, My server hosting providers sais that zend is installed,But i have no idea where can i find these files i need to include and what files i need to include if any,The documentation isnt really friendly..
  20. Am using SMTP and i dont see in the ZEND example, in the sendmailer.php that you can send via SMTP...About PEAR now for a sec,My server provider said he can`t install pear because they dont support it, is there a way to do without them?
  21. Hello my lords...Now am trying to send mail via my Online website,I have a mail server that sends Authentication mails, That i pay a nice amount for, I have my :mail@website_domainusername and passwordAnd the mail providers arent blacklisted anywhere afaik and experienced with.I wanted to know : 1.)how is the mail() function is any different then the PEAR::send/factory functions (I really can`t understand anything from the documentations, Maybe smaller (simple/generic explanation will do the trick)?2.)What pear actually is (If i understand correctly, some sort of framework extension based on P
  22. Thank you mate That will help me with my problem, Of course, am not eager to solve it that way... But it seems like i have no choice...VPS = Paying extra,Other server - Need to start the entire renting procedure again, Am sure you already know "How fun it is"...
  23. Thank you mate, Sorry for not keeping you guys posted on time.I talked to them(The server that provides my website storage), They told me "Buy VPS, The module we are using to host(Plask 8.5) support PHP 5.1.6,Or wait for the upgrade(plask 10) that will be released in 6 more months, If not just go F yourself (But in much more respected words)...The big problem is many funcions , such as overwriting PEAR to send authenticated mail via SMTP also require higher version and other stuff that i use as well... No idea what to do, Probably swap to another server for website storage, But the problem is
  24. I have done as you instructed and no change, Are you sure it has nothing to do with the fact they are using a lesser subversion of php 5?I mean 5.1.6 Is quite old...
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