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  1. Care to give a little bit more info about the phrase "AddType x-mapp-php5 .php in .htaccess" ?or maybe link me to somewhere i could get some pointers about it?Notice that their server wrote the current version is 5.1.6, with phpinfo()...
  2. Huh?Guess it will take me sometime to resolve what you just typed , Guess ill start working on it...- Please note that the issue is with the server am renting, So it`s not something i have locally that i can add/tweak stuff...
  3. I have the following code, if($_POST['register']){$pr_email = $_POST['r_email'];$email_check = filter_var($pr_email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL);...} Basicly there is a form that validates itself, Works perfectly on my localhost with the newest php version,But failing on my hosting server that support php...The page stop loading when it hits the filter_var function, without reporting any errors, Its just kills the script and stop loading the page (no die/break/return jump conditions include to kill the script)What could cause this problem? mismatch server php version?or maybe something else?
  4. Ah that feels better!4th help in a row or maybe 5th synook, I feel like i should be paying you :)CSS filetextarea{ resize:none; overflow:auto; // IE tends to add scroller by default as well.}
  5. They are resizable on safari by default.I can even resize them in here while am posing :)Guess message posting is also a textarea
  6. Hey all, Really simple question, Not sure if its a simple answer,How do i disable <textarea> resize option?I tried to use onresize/onresizestart/onresizened functions and return some false value so these events will be ignored, but no luck,Any ideas?
  7. Ill try mailing them, The FAQ worth ****. But am afried it wont help much, Is there another way without contecting them?
  8. I am having some issues connecting to mySQL database on a RemoteHost via PHPNow i know many people had that issue , i was reading many topics, but all the IDIOTS who were having the problem, solved it without posting how (Really bad Posting practice imho)...The error : [function.mysql-connect]: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'X(10060) in Y.php (error data)Am using a free host server at the moment, soon will move on to a server farm, The issue is $connection_request = mysql_connect("server_name","User",Password"); Of course the real parameters are there...I made a database/Users with privil
  9. Illasera

    Unicode password

    Not ascii a-z/A-Z, 0-9, yep,But what do you mean "use a regular expression"?should i write a "for" loop that iterate through the strings and check for bad characters?I was hoping to find a function that does it for me...
  10. Illasera

    Unicode password

    am looking for a function or a way/method to report an error once a unicode character(NONE-ASCII) found in a string.I have a registration form and i don`t want users to be able to enter unicode passwords(none-ascii), how do i report an error was unicode character within a string was found?I couldn`t find the right filter function for it...Thanks in advance.
  11. Illasera

    Query messages?

    hmmmmm, I was thinking about sessions but seems a bit risky... GET method ... I don`t think they can handle the data very well like your said, To much info to transfer...Same page... I need to see if that can be done but thanks mate
  12. Illasera

    Query messages?

    Didn`t know it was hard to understand but ok, hmmmmMaybe this will be more clear3 pages = Homepage.html, Register_Form.php, RegisterClient.phpHomepage.html (Homepage), Register_Form.php (Where the user write down his data to process in RegisterClient once form is submitted.)RegisterClient.php(Where the server look for errors, if everything is ok, redirect to homepage.html, if not , redirect to Register_Form.php with errors supplied to refill the form again).User visit Homepage.html and want to register procedure : Homepage.html->Register_Form.php->RegisterClient.phpif(no errors)RegisterC
  13. Illasera

    Query messages?

    A really simple question, But because its so simple, I didn't know what to look for.I have a registration form that register new clients into mysql database,Now, If everything goes well, the users are being directed to the main page, registered with a cookie,But what happen if they have error(s), I want the user to be redirected back to the Register_form page again with all the relevant errors displayed,My question is, how do i query the error messages in a different page?Scheme : Register_Form->if(no errors)->Set new user cookie and head back to main page with the user logged in, else-&
  14. BOM? yep, Am using utf-8 and writing my code in notepad, so yea, it will add the BOM by default, am not sure i can avoid it.Am encoding the file because am not using ASCII language, Not my native / website language.I should look in Notepad++ Maybe ill have the option there.Solved, Saved without BOM, Thanks again synook, Third time in a row that you helped me
  15. 1A.)When i save the .php file with utf-8 encoding, I can`t use any of the functions that required pre-processesing, such as setting cookies or sessions - The reason is that the encoding type add 3 characters with the encoding value to the file header, making the php parser think that is the real header.2Q.)How can i use a buffer to prevent output being send before am ready? Can you give a bit info/pointers/links of how to do it?
  16. Please note the comment above as following : * the main page is encoded with utf-8, The encoding is stored on the file`s header, Hance i can`t use session_start() in main page because php thinks the header information is already sent.And what if i cant call the session_start function on my main page?Any alternatives?
  17. Hey all, I have a small issue, i can`t seems to be able to store my session after redirecting from the login page back into the main page.Cookies works fine, only sessions dont, When i display the session on the same login page, it works perfectly but when i redirect back to the main page, the session seems to be destroyed.Please note* this is done on a local server via xampp emulator.* the main page is encoded with utf-8, The encoding is stored on the file`s header, Hance i can`t use session_start() in main page because php thinks the header information is already sent.[mainpage.php login for
  18. Hey all,Let me just ask once and for all, how you guys deal with the no browser standard issue?My issue, am using a paragraph to write something and am limiting it to a certian division (no code needed)in IE7/8 when i close one paragraph<p> and open a new , the line is getting break twice (end of paragraph and start of a new) at the size of 1em per break;That looks good in IEbut in safari/chrome/firefox, the line break is 5 billion pixels away from each other (Not really) but a lot LOT further then IE,Destroying the entire layout, any ideas how the poor client need to solve the big brows
  19. Thanks mate, What did you have in mind that can replace it and solve my issue?I can`t think of anything beside tables, maybe divisions? cellspacing and cellpadding is no longer valid in (X)html strict,Thanks Mate x2 : Am using border-spacing:0px; margin:0px; padding:0px; and yep, boder-collapse on collapse.
  20. Hey all and good day,My problem is that when i work on my web-page, I have different results in IE8 and all other browsers (FF, Chrome, safari)Believe it or not, The IE8 has the desire effects that i want.The problem is that i use for my table border a custom made images to be used "as a border"but they seems to have "height space" in between them.Both CSS and (X)html strict code are both 100% valid(no errors at all)The desired display : Desired DisplayAnd Firefox/chrome/safari display (bad display - There are height spaces in between the borders, The left column image doesn`t match the height
  21. Found the problem, It was my fault for not mentioning it,Am writing in unicode (Asian language) and the html file is probably not encoded right...in my code here i edited everything to English language... and in ascii (non-encoded) it work`s perfectly like mentioned before.Solved - For these who don`t use editor and just using simple plain notepad, If using non-ascii language(english), save as utf-8 and not unicode/bigPlease correct me if i am wrong.Thanks in advance.
  22. Done that, Thank you :)Maybe you see nothing is wrong with my code, but know a little lesson about pc`s & electronics, Bugs are out fault, not some random error.So what am trying to say is, Can you give me the reasons that can cause the css by default not to be applied to the html (ignore my code).
  23. Yep, Also i have a server storage where i upload the css and html file,in my example i wrote design2.css but its actuallywww.blabla.com/design2.css in the real code and thats where the real file is located, So not a filepath issue.But thanks X1 for the advice.p.s <div style="overflow:auto; height:355px;> // I had a sequel for that but i removed so i could post the real code<div style="overflow:auto; height:355px; ... > = <div style="overflow:auto; height:355px; scrollbar-arrow-color: #E1C171; scrollbar-base-color: #423F3F; scrollbar-face-color: #423F3F; scrollbar-highlight-color
  24. It seems that my css file is only being linked(working) in IE(Internet explorer).Safari, Chrome, Firefox = no show (the website doesn`t get effected by the css like it doesn`t exist (Note this is not a file path issue i am quite sure))Both (x)html and css files are perfectly valid in strict mode, What can cause this problem?html code (file) : <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd"><html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><head><title>bla bla bla</title><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/cs
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