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  1. Am trying to make a vertical scrollbar within a table divisionhowever the table height is 100% and the overflow doesn`t seems to like it,When i work with fixed pixels it`s all good.Working <table class="full_table"> // Width and height = 100% border = 5 and cellpadding & spacing = 0<tr> <td valign="top" align="right" style="direction:rtl; text-align:right;"><div style="overflow:auto; height:355px; >// Spam with text so it will overload</div></td></tr></table> Not working <table height="100" width="100"><tr><td valign="top" a
  2. I am trying to less relay on the server and more on the client, But thanks anyway, Ill manage something up.A quick question though, Many websites have the same design for all pages and only the context changes (Wikipedia for example).And i don`t recall seen any website that actually use the mathod i mentioned above, May i ask if anyone know why?
  3. First of all, Thank you :)Second, CMS seems a bit complex for my "Simple" Website and am trying to avoid php (for a reason of course).Is there another way? If not i guess i`ll have to do with what i have...
  4. Thank you I guess i need to read a bit...
  5. Hey all,Here is my question:I have a website with constant design that doesn`t change,The only thing that changes is the context(text,images) when i press a link.I have a main frame where all the context is drawn, Now since the website design isn`t changing, only the main frame text&images when i press a link,Is there a way i can only load text and images into the main frame without refrashing the entire website?Right now every html file contain the entire web design and the current page context.I want to have 1 html page that has the entire design in it, And many small html pages with onl
  6. Hey all,Let`s assume am trying to overwrite with CSS the default (x)html link = <a> (anchor tag).now let`s say the CSS code look`s like this : (In own css file)#link_one{text-decoration:underline;color:#000000;padding-right:35px;margin-right:35px;text-align:right;direction:rtl;}(html file)html & head & body tags includedcss file includedin <body> tag :<a id ="link_one" href=test.html">test</a>end html tags and fileNow, The text-decoration, color, direction will be applied, but text-align, margin, padding won`t.I will have to create a <div style> in html co
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