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  1. trudat

    Is there a way?

    Not both. The default is the same folder as the html file is in, but isn't there a way to change the default for the whole page?
  2. Usually if you enter an image like this < img src = " sexy.jpg " / > it will search for the image ONLY in the same folder that the html file is in. Is there a way to code things so that it searches sub-directories as well, like an "image" folder in that directory without having to change all the image paths to < img src = " image / sexy.jpg " / > ?
  3. Hi I'm brand new here, I'm teaching myself HTML and CSS by making a website for some small business owners I know. Always been kind of interested in web development and design but never had a project to get me into it. I like it a lot so far and I'm thinking about learning as much as I can then finding an internship of some kind, or perhaps a good school.Question thing:Full name: Seriously?Birth date: 1988Gender: Lady Gaga?Country of residance: CANADACity of residance: VancouverHeight: 5'7"Weight: 140 lbsEyes: GreenHair: BrownSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: No/Yes/NoFavourite Music: electronic/dance if I'm out, indie/ambient to work to.Favourite Movies: comedyInterests: the internet.
  4. Well for one thing, your contact form doesn't seem to be working in either of your sites. 404 Error. It's actually really funny because a normal visitor would be unable to contact you about the problem.
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