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  1. You know what? Why not just learn it all I looked into C and it seems to be a tricky language to learn. But then again, I'm not sure if RS-232 would be even useful at all. As the article stated, it has been replaced by USB so wouldn't I be learning a dead language in other words? It may be easier, but I don't see it reaping me benefits. Just read the excerpt from the article..."Today, RS-232 has mostly been replaced in personal computers by USB for local communications."
  2. Well I don't exactly see a tutorial for C here so I guess I'm off to Google it. I guess that book on PHP will have to wait for now. Well thanks for your help, I'm sure to find the knowledge I seek now. Also on other note, I found a site that might help me out with C. C programming tutorial. You think this will be good enough for now?And by console I was thinking of a gaming platform like the Xbox... an Xbox console... guess you were referring to the computer hardware. Yeah I'm not too bright on computer terminology. Guess something else I might want to learn. And as for chatting with IT facult
  3. Oh... well at the moment my goal is not to create a complex game. Work on something basic such as do-no-touch-the-walls type of game will do for now and I'll work my way up from there. I'm not too sure what type of coding I will need, for there seem to be so many. Staying away from larger tasks, I don't want to work with a console, just creat a simple program that would run as a game. Something you might see on GameJolt.But you are right that its still fun, I've enjoyed most of what I have already learned. XML I can use on Playcrafter (again a kids site), but its not to my fullest interest to
  4. Hello, my name is Grant (if you haven't already figured that out), and I'm moderatly new to programming. I have (X)HTML almost downpat though I have yet to memorize the tags. But my main interest does seem to be in game design, since I love playing flash games thought I might give it a try. Adding to that, I'm a 15 year old freshman in high school and thought I'd give programming a shot. I've had my fair share of forum activity, since I am a mod on another site. Hmmm, well knowing that its a kids site I don't think I'll get a lot of credit for that lol. A little more about myself; My favorite
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