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  1. Can anyone point out the error in this html?<html><body bgcolor="#333333"><FRAMESET COLS="20%,80%"><FRAME SRC="menu.htm" name=S><FRAME SRC="main.htm" name=T></FRAMESET></body></html>
  2. If he doesn't want to learn those then there are various packages across the internet which supply the code.Also isn't ruby a server side script language or is it a tool language
  3. lemonpi

    Web design

    by the hour is the most reliable technique for it. I can tell you that adding java won't really get you anywhere as it is not needed in website design although php is probably pretty good. You could range quite a bit with those skills.I know a friend who has been earning quite a bit making a database in ruby - I'm sure if you found out others prices and worked off an average you'd do pretty well.
  4. you have to instal php to use it making it very hard to make tutorials of it.
  5. <a href="mailto:lemonygoodness@nonexistentpage.org.uk">blah</a>
  6. <hr> is the tag for a horizontal row, I'm sure it's something to do with thios attribute. Possibly <vr> although I just tried that and it didn't seem to work
  7. try javascript. I know it can be done I just can't remember the code
  8. notepad automatically tries to make it save as a .txt file.You do not need to go into the drop down menu, leave it on .txt and then just type in the name of your file and then add .html on the end.So say I had a file I wanted to call "lemon". i'd type this in as "lemon.html" regardless of what filetype it was on.
  9. lemonpi


    Are you speaking of the <marquee> tag? I've heard somewhere that it is not a good idea to use that as not all browsers support it - Can anyone confirm this?I think you can just do <marquee direction="up/right/left/down"> along with the sizes you want it.
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